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Wednesday May 14 2008
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Jen Conlin
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sarena kopciel 2008-05-13
Jen is definitely the real deal!! I owe her big time too:)
Leonid S. 2008-05-14
Jen - That's really really cool! Hope you'll be getting better and better and the shoulder won't hold ya back!

Greg - awesome job on coaching!
Tom Brose 2008-05-14
Definitely good coaching here. Jen is so cool, everyone in the DC area benefits from her.
David @ CF Chatt 2008-05-14
I know you've gone through this ad nauseum, but for the combo lifts I perform a mid-hang snatch and then a snatch from the floor back to back.

Does that constitute one set? So for today I perform these two lifts back to back without re-set. Rest and then perform two more times in the same manner?

Stupid question, sorry.
Greg Everett 2008-05-14
David - Yes that's correct.
David @ CF Chatt 2008-05-14

2-position snatch (mid-hang, floor) - 60% x 3 sets
2-position clean (mid-hang, floor) - 60% x 3 sets
Push jerk + jerk - 60% x 3 sets
Ab wheel - 3 x 15

Post numbers and questions to comments.

M - 32 - 5′10″ - 175 BW

DROM Warm Up
Burg WU x 1 x PVC
Burg WU x 1 x 45

Snatch complex: 75-75-75
Clean complex: 95-95-95
Jerk complex: 95-95-95
Ab wheel scaled to: 10-10-10 reps

Notes: Transitioning to the CA WOD for a cycle to seek some variety and much needed improvement in strength and skill. Maybe Iíll stay around for awhile with it.

PS - The abwheel is the devil.
x66F 2008-05-14

Here is a video of 170lbs Snatch. Form is off, just now learning the lifts. Pardon the jeans and bare feet.

Richard Thomas 2008-05-16
2 Pos Snatch: 42.5kg
2 Pos Clean: 52.5kg
PJ + J: 52.5kg

Abs - Sub in L-Hangs and Overhead Sit ups with 10kg in each hand. 3x10.
Adc (CFS) BW 70kg 2008-05-16
2 Pos S

2 Pos Cl


Ab wheel on Knees
Jen 2008-05-19
Thanks all! I miss this post since I was on Vacation which ment staying away from the comeputer!
Sarena, keep getting under that bar!
Brian 2008-05-19
Jen Rocks!

PMenu.com - Thanks for the Oly Lift info, WODs, etc - greatly appreciate it!
Daniel Hoffman 2008-05-19
Go Jen! My buddy from work jumped into a random park workout with Jen and was singing her praises.

We're (Potomac Crossfit) lucky to have her . . . now we just need to get lucky and find a location :-)
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