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Saturday May 17 2008
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  • Snatch - max single
  • Clean & Jerk - max single
  • Front squat - max single

Post numbers and questions to comments.
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Anthony Springman 2008-05-16
Yikes! Is that Josh Everett in a full squat clean! Is he converting? Great shot.
Derek M 2008-05-16
Webcast? Sweet, I'm watching it.
Blake McCarthy 2008-05-17
I've now been doing the CA WOD for 8 weeks now as close to prescribed as possible (the first 5 weeks I had rugby as well so I had to lighten the load at times which may have blunted the effects some). All I wanted to say is thank you. I'm loving the workouts and they're actually working for me as I've maintained my weight while significantly increasing my lifts. M/23/6'4/220 Snatch (5/17/2008) - 225 Lbs (Up 40 pounds in 8 weeks, technique has vastly improved) C&J (5/17/2008) - 295 Lbs (Up 25Lbs) Front Squat - 345 Lbs (Up 30 Lbs)
BCF 2008-05-17
Hey, I'm going to try to do this program as close to rx'ed as I can for the next cycle. Great site and great-looking workouts. My strength gains and Oly technique doing just the CF WOD's have not shown much progress, so your programming looks perfect. My current numbers, as tested today, show that I can only go up from here: Snatch 55kg C&J 71kg Front Squat 100kg
David @ CF Chatt 2008-05-17
Saturday May 17 2008 Snatch - max single Clean & Jerk - max single Front squat - max single Post numbers and questions to comments. David M - 32 - 5′10″ - 177 BW DROM WU BRG WU x 1 x PVC BRG WU x 1 x 45 As rxd: Snatch - 100 Clean & Jerk - 135 Front Squat - 165
eva t. 2008-05-17
yessssss Casey!
jw luckett 2008-05-17
Oh yeah, Casey B.!
Richard Thomas 2008-05-19
Snatch: 60kg C&J: 80kg Front Squat: 90kg

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