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Tuesday August 26 2008
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saul jimenez 2008-08-26
Muscle snatch - heavy single - took me a while but I got 50 correctly still working on the technique
Power clean + push jerk - 60 x 2 x 3
Met Con with 37.5% BW (60 lbs) 12:45
Ben Shechet 2008-08-26
A question was posted a few days ago about the relationship between leg length and foot angle in the start position. For Greg: what relation, if any, does the femur:shin length ratio have to foot positioning? I have relatively long legs, long femurs, and short shins, but am not particularly tall (around 5'8). I would think that a lesser angle would be required, but would appreciate your input.
Greg Everett 2008-08-26
Ben - The foot angle itself shouldn't be affected too much - the issue will be more the flaring of the knees to the sides. You may find you need to place your feet slightly wider, but the angle shouldn't really change because we want as much as possible to maintain what will be best in the second pull, i.e. the small degree you'd have naturally when standing upright.
tommi k 2008-08-26
Muscle sn. 68.5kg
Pwr.cln+Push jerk 88.5kgx2x3

3rounds of:
10 (Db shoulder clean+2lunges)46kg Db,48% Bw
20 kipping pull ups
Time 14:55
Chris Stowe 2008-08-26
Muscle snatches - worked up with 3 sets of 5 at 95/100/105, then did my heavy single at 110.

Power Clean and Push Jerk x 2 x 3
First set 155 second set 175

3 rounds for time of:

10 (no sandbag, sub'd with bar) squat cleans + lunge left and right with 50% BW (95#)

20 kipping pullups

Time was 11:35

Sweated buckets and used tons of muscle today. Great workout.
Eric Brandom 2008-08-26

MS 155
PC+PJ - 185

Subbed 2 32kg KB's for the sandbag

Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-08-26
I have been looking around for awhile and enjoying the awesome work on the website, I'm now ready to hop on the wagon. I just have 2 questions :

A new cycle started 2 weeks ago, is it important for me to start from there or can I follow the current daily workouts ?

I've been accustomed to my weekly deadlift session for quite some time, I should give it up now that I'm following the PM workouts ? (for confirmation sake, it's just that I'll miss those...)

Thank you,

Greg Everett 2008-08-26
Richard - Jump in now - this is just the beginning of the second week. During the strength cycles, you'll be deadlifting 1x/week and pulling 1x/week. You can add your normal DL routine in there if you want, but no promises on how well it will work.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-08-26
Great, I'm officially in. Thank you very much for the quick response Greg.

Cheers from Belgium !
Jason Boag 2008-08-26
MS: Uo to 125 lbs
PC + PJ: 155 x 2 x 3

Metcon: Sub'd 40 kg KB for sandbag and did 2 hand clean to chest, lunged from there. (I couldn't muster the KB off to one side on my shoulder for the cleans, but then again, I was trying a single arm clean and lunging from there)

13:47, All pull-ups kipped chest-to-bar. Yes, ever since competing at the CF Games I do my pull-ups this way. For some stupid reason I can't go back to chin above bar for kipping, don't know why.

kent 2008-08-26
Muscle snatch 145
pc+pj 185
sub'd 80lb kb one arm cleans and lunges
pull up 1/2 to chest 1/2 to chin
Jonathan Dunn 2008-08-26
Muscle Snatch: Worked up to 140# for a single
Power Clean + Push Jerk 140# x2x3

donna m 2008-08-26
muscle snatch 50#
pc+pj 65#
40#db one arm clean and lunges
jpu 14:06

i'm new at this and working on technique, funny how it all goes to shit even just adding 5#. tomorrow looks ummmm, interesting. i hope i survive it!
carl 2008-08-26
Muscle snatch: 100#
PC+PJ: 130#

Met con: 11:47 Used 70lb KB.
Mike Donnelly 2008-08-26
Muscle Sn: 115
Pwr Cl + 2 PJ: 135

metcon 2 rounds + (baby crying)
JD 2008-08-26
Muscle snatch - 67kg
Power clean + push jerk - 80kg x 2 x 3
Craig Snyder 2008-08-26
Muscle Snatch heavy single: 115#x1 (big press out)
Power Clean + Push Jerk 75%: 130# 2x2

Met Con
only 1 round 3:45
Alex Europa 2008-08-26
Muscle snatch - heavy single (100-lbs)
Power clean + (push jerk x 2) - 140-lbs x 2 x 3

Added in an extra PJ to the PCs because I really need more technique work on my split jerks.

3 rounds for time of:
10 (1 Sandbag shoulder clean + 2 lunge) - 47-lbs (biggest I have)
20 kipping pull-ups

Time: 7:35

All pullups were done straight through. The SB cleans were rough, I'm kinda glad I didn't have anything heavier! :-)
Jody Woodland 2008-08-27

MS - 130#
PC + PJ - 150#

Metcon: messed up, subbed 100# BB, forgot lunges, subbed jumping PU's - 8:00
Matt Dyson 2008-08-27
MS- 135#
PC + PJ - 135#

Metcon: No sandbag so used a 65# DB. Pullup sets unbroken - 15:10
Matt Wichlinski 2008-08-27
got to this one a day late, but not quite a dollar short. muscle snatch felt much better this week as i did 30 more pounds than last week, it makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong.

MS 175
PC+PJ 255x2x3


100 # Sandbag glutes are killing me
Tarun Suri 2008-08-27
MS: 75, 85f (-10 from last workout)
PC: 85 (totally forgot about jerks)

My shoulders were totally fried from the push press yesterday.

Greg, I read your advice from a few days back.
yes, I was banging it off my thighs, I thought that was what i was supposed to do. I read it from Starting Strength for the power clean anyways, i assumed the technique was the same for snatches.

My biggest problem with the snatch is dropping down quickly.
I feel as though I simply cannot coordinatekeeping it close to chest, shrugging, stomping feet and dropping all at the same time.

Any advice on what to emphasise upon before learning the others?
Greg Everett 2008-08-27
Tarun - I don't remember the PC section in SS that well, but I don't think Rippetoe actually wants you banging the bar off the thighs... I hope. NEVER, whether clean, power clean, snatch or power snatch do you want the bar bouncing off the thighs/hips - it should BRUSH up them. First, stop thinking of it as dropping under the bar - you PULL yourself under, and you do it just as aggressively as you accelerate the bar upward. Practice snatch balances, tall snatches, snatches from the high and mid hang, and 3-position snatches.
Rick 2008-08-28
MS: 150#
PC+PJ: 150x2x3
This felt too light so re-evaluted my max power clean. Did 225#x2(new PR)

Met con: no sandbag so used #30 DB in each hand.


MAWL 2008-09-02
MS: 145
PC + PJ: 150 (shoulders are really sore)

Met con: subbed Hang Squat clean (100lbs.) - 9:29 last set PUs done in multiple sets
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