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Wednesday August 27 2008
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Jonathan Dunn 2008-08-26
Front Squat: 150# x 3 x 5
Snatch Pull: 215# x 3 x 3
Rack Jerk: Worked up to 155# for a single, then 135# x 1 x 3

20 DB Swings 55#
10 Box Jumps
15 DB Swings 55#
5 Box Jumps
400m Run (still no rower!)
5 Box Jumps
15 DB Swings 55#
10 Box Jumps
20 KB Swings 55#


Awesome workout! Well, not during the metcon. But afterward, I felt on top of the world. Thanks!
MB 2008-08-26
Front Squat - 70kg x 3 x 5
Snatch Pull - 75kg x 3 x 3
Jerk - heavy single (up to 85kg); 75kg x 1 x 3

1.5 pood KB
28-30 inch box

Time: 9:25

I have a question about the deadlifts in these workouts. All the deadlifts I've seen are either snatch or clean deadlifts at near 100% of max snatch and clean (which is nowhere near my 1RM deadlift weight). How come we don't do heavy deadlifts? It seems like you would want that as a component of a strength program like you have. What's the reasoning behind this?
Greg Everett 2008-08-26
MB - A couple things to keep in mind. 1) A snatch or clean DL is a very different exercise than a conventional DL, which is really just a 2-hands anyhow. There is no shortage of people who can DL 400+ but can't clean 225 - this is not only a technique deficiency, but a gap between positioning in their DLs and clean pulls (and squats). We use snatch and clean DLs to specifically strengthen the pulls of those movements, and keeping the ideal mechanics limits somewhat the top end DL numbers. 2) If your best deadlift is so far beyond your best snatch/clean that the prescribed loads don't feel challenging, to put it bluntly, your snatch and clean suck. Feel free to up the loading as needed to make it appropriately challenging, but understand that it's not really an issue with programming so much as your particular strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. That's not meant to be an insult, but it's an important point to have in mind.3) We keep snatch/clean pulls lighter because we want a lot of speed on them.
MB 2008-08-27
Ok, that makes sense. I guess it goes back to what you've said before about technique limiting the apparent amount of exertion of the Bulgarian cycle. I am very aware that my snatch and clean suck. I'm a 75kg guy who snatches 72kg and C&J's 86kg. I'm also lacking in general strength (my best CrossFit Total is 673lbs with a 305lb deadlift). Both of these reasons are why I decided to take a break from pure CrossFit and come here--the most motivating symptom being that I couldn't do the CrossFit Games deadlift workout RX'd.

So yes, I do need work on my olympic lifts, but I also need more general strength. You do plenty of squatting here, so that's not an issue. The only thing that seemed a little lacking to me was top-end deadlift strength. I guess I should just increase the weight for clean and snatch deadlifts beyond my clean and snatch numbers until my olympic lifts catch up.

I know you want speed on the snatch/clean pulls...I'm specifically restricting my comments to the deadlifts.
tommi k 2008-08-27
FS 106kg
Sn.pull 82.5-85-87.5kg
Rack jerk 115kg, 97.5kg

Metcon: (2pood Kb,20"box) Time 6:19
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-08-27
* Front squat - 85kg x 3 x 5
* Snatch pull - 75kg x 3 x 3
* Rack jerk - heavy single 95kg ; 85% of single : 80kg x 1 x 3
donna m 2008-08-27
FS - 105#
SP - 75#
Rack Jerk 85#

metcon: 14k kb, 18"box) 8:01
Alex Europa 2008-08-27
Front squat - 77% (195) x 3 x 5 *Felt smooth; good bar speed
Snatch pull - 103% (135) x 3 x 3
Rack jerk - heavy single; 85% (170) of single x 1 x 3

75-lbs DB and 24" Box
Time: 8:05
KCFB 2008-08-27
FS - 215 x3 x5
SnP - 160 x3 x3
Rack Jerk - HS 225, 195 x3


55lb db and roughly 28" box
Eric Brandom 2008-08-27

FS: 225
SP: 215
Rack Jerk - Heavy - 245
1x3 = 210

Metcon: 6:48 with 32 kg KB and 40" box jumps
jb 2008-08-27
fs - 140#
sn pull - 155#
rack jerk - 175# (heavy single); 145# x 1 x 3

24kg kb
24" box

time 7:25

my front squat sucks haaaard
jb 2008-08-27

I\'ve noticed a strange phenomenon; my front squat 1RM is right at 180#, but I can OHS 185# for a triple. Without being able to see my form, is there anything that comes to mind as why this might be? It\'s strange...

Hope to see you in KS next April.


Greg Everett 2008-08-27
Jerry - A couple things come to mind - If you don't have the flexibility for a solid rack position in the FS, you may be getting pulled forward/down quite a bit - the core component of the FS will limit your lift more than leg strength. If your OHS is done with a considerable forward lean, you may be tapping into more hamstring than you can get with a really upright FS. Would really have to see it to know. Are you foot positions the same? Are your torso positions the same?
JD 2008-08-27
Front squat - 105kg x 3 x 5
Snatch pull - 98kg x 3 x 3
Rack jerk - 110kg; 95kg x 1 x 3
Matt Dyson 2008-08-27
FS -185#
Sn P - 160#
RJ - HS 160# 1x3 135#

Metcon 1.5 pood KB, 30" box 7:21

Greg, thanks for the advice from last week about practicing the split jerks with the bar at forehead height. That and more drills before each lift really helped sort out the bend in my rear knee. Looks and feels much better now. Cheers for that.
Justin 2008-08-27
Is the front squat % of my FS Max or Clean Max
Greg Everett 2008-08-27
Justin - FS. Always of the listed exercise unless otherwise noted.
Justin 2008-08-27
Thanks Greg i am starting to see a pattern here!
Jody Woodland 2008-08-27

FS - 210# x 3 x5
SN Pull - 160# x 3 x 3
Rack J - 195# single, 165# x 1 x 3

Skipped metcon, bad cold.
John Velandra 2008-08-28
John here from CrossFit Cape Fear... question on your answer to MB earlier. I'm the guy you're talking about (not really, but still) My deads are in the 5's but I'm just learning the clean and snatch movements and they are sorely lacking - even in the dead start position.... with that being said, should I change my conventional dead to a snatch grip???? Would this help out? How about adding a ton of clean-pulls??

Thanks so much and AWESOME dvd!
Greg Everett 2008-08-28
John - No, don't change your normal DL to a snatch grip. When you do normal DLs, just adjust your start position and first pull to be the same as you'd use (or should) for the clean, i.e. arms vertical and knees flared to contact the inside of the arms - you may also take a little wider grip if you use particularly narrow DL grip like some folks. Then make sure you're also working snatch-grip DLs occasionally with the same start position criteria. That will make sure you're getting stronger in the actual positions/movements you need it rather than just doing 2-hand anyhows and looking like a deadlifting question mark.
Mike Donnelly 2008-08-28
FS: 145
Sn Pull: 135
Rack J: 155; 3X135
Rick 2008-08-28
FS: 175x3x5
Sn Pull: 135x3x3
RJ: heavy single 165, then 140x1x3

Met con: 7:50 w/44# KB swing; 24" box jumps
Matt Wichlinski 2008-08-28
FS 285x3x5
SP 245x3x3
RJ 295, 255x1x3
55# KB
31" box
Mike C. 2008-08-28

FS -77.5 kg
Sn P - 80 kg
RJ - 3 x 1 75 kg

Metcon 24 kg KB, 30" box 7:40
John Velandra 2008-08-29
Thanks - can I send a couple of DL shots on my next deads day? I "think" all I need to do is adjust my start position slightly and would like a quick critique to ensure I don't ingrain a bad habit...

Dead question mark.... LOL - that I can say I don't do (everything else might suck tho - haha)

Richard Thomas 2008-08-29
Front Squat 75kg x 3 x 10
Sn Pull 75kg
Didn't do Jerks - WOD done at home with no racks

Did 'Helen' earlier in the day 9:40.
Greg Everett 2008-08-29
John - Sure, send them our way.
John Velandra 2008-08-31
Will do this week - Thanks Greg...
MAWL 2008-09-07
Front Squat: 175 first three sets, 185 last two
Snatch Pull: 140
Rack Jerk: 145x3

Metcon - 1.5 pood KB, subbed 25 burpees for row. 9:07
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