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Thursday September 4 2008
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Jonathan Dunn 2008-09-04
Coach Everett,

What load should be used for the Tall Snatch + Mid Hang Power Snatch?

Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-04
The IOC’s own Olympic Charter calls for “fair play”
and “respect for fundamental ethical principles”.
Perhaps they should give it another read. Along with
its cowardly gymnastics-regulating cousin, the IOC
should be booed into obscurity for its response to the
Chinese controversy. Better yet, they should own up
and strip six little girls of their ill-gotten medals.

excerpt from the P-menu by Jon Gilson

I respect what the guy is saying but at the same time, I don't think it is appropriate to compare performance enhancing drug users to 14 year old girls competing in an extremely demanding sport with top notch athletes. Those girls are that good and the only thing they did wrong was not turn 16 yet. You can call it lying, I think they were just better and younger. what if a 15 year old boy came out and snatched a medal worthy weight? Obviously unlikely, but I think he should deserve the medal regardless of age. I understand that being young and more flexible is an advantage in gymnastics, and those same qualities won't necessarily be an advantage in weightlifting or other sports, but shit, those little Chinese flippers were pretty damn good.

Back to snatching
ken c 2008-09-04

the comparison is to a country having its athletes on a steroid program or a country using under age athletes in a sport where that is an advantage. same thing...cheating. we probably have some really good 14 and 15 year old gymnastics girls too but they could never pull off scaming their way into the olympics. competitors and coaches would turn them in. not so in f@cking china.
Greg Everett 2008-09-04
Jonathan - Work up to the heaviest weight you can for the RXed reps/sets. The tall snatch will be your limiter.
Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-04
well I'm not an advocate for cheating or lying, and if being 14 gives one an unfair advantage then they should not have been competing or had their medals stripped, and China reprimanded for their negligence and/or blatant scheming. Regardless, those girls are pretty sick at what they do. I'm sure they'll be back to win a few more accolades in the future.
Justin "Thor" 2008-09-04
Did yesterday's WOD tonight:

Front squat - 80% x 3 x 5 (215 lbs)
Snatch pull - 105% (of snatch) x 3 x 3 (155lbs)
Rack jerk behind neck - heavy single (235 lbs, PR)

3 rounds for time of:
10 KB swings - 32kg (too many people doing the CF mainsite WOD in BKLN tonight so the best sub I could do were swings as there were no big plates left)
10 burpees

Time: 2:53
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