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Friday September 5 2008
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Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-09-05
* Tall snatch + mid-hang power snatch : up to 60kg
* Overhead squat - heavy single : 105kg
* no time for chin-ups

3 rounds for time of:
50 m sprint
20 sandbag cross-chops - 25kg

tommi k 2008-09-05
Tall sn.+mid-hang pwr.sn. - up to 63.5kg
Pwr.cln.+push jerk+lower behind neck+sn.push jerk+OHS - up to 86kg
Chin ups 13-11-10

-had to workout on a rackless platform,heavier OHS is definetly doable when starting from rack
-no metcon
Eric Brandom 2008-09-05

Tall Snatch + Mid-hang Power Snatch: 135
OHS: 235
Chins, no kip, 23, 16, 19

Metcon, 24kg KB, 1:45
Jonathan Dunn 2008-09-05
Tall Snatch + Mid Hang Power Snatch: Worked up to 115# x1 + 2 x 4 sets
OHS: Worked up to 115# (my OHS balance sucks, still. Will keep working the light(er) weights.)
Chin Ups: 3 x 12; 7; 7 at BW (190#-deadhang)

3 Rounds for time:
50 m sprints
20 DB Cross Chops at 50#


Really wanted to quit during this one. Glad to have stuck it out.
JD 2008-09-05
Tall snatch + mid-hang power snatch - 1 + 2 x 4 sets. 50kg
Overhead squat - 100kg
Chin-ups - 12, 9, 7
justin "Thor" 2008-09-05
Tall Snatch + Mid-hang Power Snatch: 75 lbs. (I know pathetic, but when I went heavier it felt like my shoulders were about to rip out of their sockets doing the TS).
OHS: 235 lbs.
Chins: 5,3,4 (again pathetic)

subbed 100 meter rows because I couldnt find the damn 50 meter mark.
24kg Bell
Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-05
275 PR
12, 10, 10 pussified this one, biceps were swollen


sprinted across parking lot and back, probably 60-70 meters. 55# KB, these things burned my biceps so bad after the chin's, it was awesome
ken c 2008-09-05
tall snatch + power snatch: 105
overhead squat: 205 (ties pr)

10 muscle ups
38 kipping pull ups
10 dead hang pull ups

no metcon
Matt Dyson 2008-09-06
Tall snatch + mid-hang power snatch - 1 + 2 x 4 sets 55# 3 sets 65# 1 set
Overhead squat - heavy single 145# PR
Chin-ups - 3 x max 14/13/12
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