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Tuesday September 9 2008
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Jeff G 2008-09-09
would much be lost or gained if I switched the metcon to 50 burpee-pull-ups?
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-09-09
Muscle snatch - 60kg
3-pos clean - 65kg
Push jerk + jerk - 65kg, 1 extra set.

Weekly challenge, I had to do it :

10 rounds for time of
15 deadlifts 135lbs (I used 62.5kg)
15 push-ups

===> 9'41"
Greg Everett 2008-09-09
Jeff - You won't get the same effect from the pull-ups with none in series. Burpee pull-ups are a nice parlor trick, but not that great of an exercise in my opinion.
tommi k 2008-09-09
Muscle sn. 61kg
3-pos.cln. 81kg
(HPC)+PJ+Jerk 78.5kg

Metcon 8:11
KCFB4 2008-09-09
Muscle Sn - 145lb
3 Pos Cl - 150
Push Jk + Jk - 150

Metcon: 5:39 (about 42 chest to bar PUs and 8 chin reachers)
Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-09
MS 155
3 pos c 215
J+j 215
Metcon 5:18
Alex Europa 2008-09-09
MS: 105-lbs
3-pos Cln: 135
PJ+J: 135

MetCon: 5:28 (I hate burpees!)

Really sore today! I guess that's what taking a week off and traveling around Switzerland will do for you.
Eric Brandom 2008-09-09

MS: 155
3posCL: 195
PJ+J: 195

MetCon: 4:26
JD 2008-09-09
Muscle snatch - 60kg
3-position clean (mid-hang, hang, floor) - 78kg x 3 sets
Push jerk + jerk - 78kg x 3 sets
ADR 2008-09-09

MS: 115#
3posCL: 125#
PJ+J: 125#

MetCon: 5:54
Justin "Thor" 2008-09-09
MS: 145lbs
3 Pos Clean: 135lbs.
PJ + J: 155lbs
Metcon 7:20-Basically this metcon should be called "things Justin really suck at that doesnt involve snatching and cleaning"
Matt Dyson 2008-09-09
Muscle snatch - 135#
3-position clean (mid-hang, hang, floor) - 115#
Push jerk + jerk - 115#
Met Con: 6:29
Jason Boag 2008-09-09
MS: 115
3 Pos CL: 145
PJ+J: 150

Metcon - 5:38 chest to bar pull-ups, chest/thighs to floor burpees with clap
Richard Thomas 2008-09-10
MS 57.5kg
3 pos clean: 60kg
PF + J: 60kg

No met con.
Jonathan 2008-09-10
Muscle snatch: worked up to 140#, which is where I failed
3-position clean (mid-hang, hang, floor): 140# x 3 sets
Push jerk + jerk: 107# x 3 sets

Metcon as prescribed: 8:50 (man, that was a gasser today!)
jb 2008-09-11
power snatch - to 115# x 3
3 pos clean - 145# x 3 sets

used 20# vest and did 12/9/6/3 rep scheme @ 4:33
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