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Wednesday September 10 2008
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Good pulling posture
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ken c 2008-09-09

i snatch with hands out collar to collar and that feels fine but feels weaker when attempting a 1rm overhead squat. stronger in the overhead squat with my hands in about 2 inches from the collars. should i overhead squat that way or stay out collar to collar and try to get stronger in that position?
Greg Everett 2008-09-09
What's a bigger weakness for you? Your OHS or your snatch? I would decide based on that.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-09-10
Overhead squat : 92.5kg
Front squat : 110kg
Rack jerk : failed 105kg twice, spent 30 minutes working on my push jerk after that.
Alex Europa 2008-09-10
Overhead squat: 175-lbs
Front squat: 240-lbs
Rack jerk: 195-lbs (a little push at lockout)

3 rounds for time of:
30 Ball slams (18-lbs)
10 clapping push-ups
Time: 3:19
donna m 2008-09-10

whats up with tomorrow? no rest day this week?
Greg Everett 2008-09-10
Donna - You get a rest day on Friday because you have big weights on Saturday.
Justin "Thor" 2008-09-10

Have to take a rest day today... I was going to do today's WOD tomorrow then Thursday's WOD on Friday. Is it best just to "lose" today and do Thursday as R'xd and rest again on Friday since we are lifting heavy on Sat?
Greg Everett 2008-09-10
Thor - Do today's workout on Thursday and rest Friday.
tommi k 2008-09-10
OHS - 85kg
Front Squat - 140kg
Rack jerk - 117.5kg

3 rounds:(balls here are too light and bouncy)
20 "OH sit up-wall slam ball-catch" 6kg
10 clapping push ups
Time 3:15
Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-10
ohs 255x2
fs 365
RJ 295 failed 315, don't have open rack, so when weights came down inside rack to the safety bars, my bar bent like a banana. I'm f'n pissed, don't do what i did, it was dumb... That being said, my snatches and c & j's are going to certainly suffer due to my stupidity.


What bar do you recommend on a budget? I can't afford 800 beans for the werksan bar, do i have options? The last bar came from Wichita falls weightlifting, their econ bar. After i bought it i read some people were having similar problems.
KCFB4 2008-09-10
OHS - 185
FS - 265
RJ - 225
Greg Everett 2008-09-10
Matt - That sucks. Unfortunately "Good inexpensive bar" is an oxymoron. That said, BFS makes a super cheap bar ($129) that in my experience holds up surprisingly well - we had maybe 8 of them at CF NorCal and they put up with pretty good abuse. They're probably pretty similar to the Pendlay econ bars, but less expensive. Not sure what the story with the Pendlay bars is - Glenn told me they got a bad batch of steel in China, so the problem should have been confined to a single lot. But really, with the cost of materials and fuel as they are, it's impossible to manufacture a super high quality bar for less than that $800 mark where the Werksans and Eleikos sit. So I'd give the BFS bar a shot, or try another Pendlay. But this is why we don't carry any inexpensive barbells - there are none I'm willing to really vouch for.
Eric Brandom 2008-09-10
OHS x2: 235
FS: 275
RJ: 255

Metcon: 3:22
20# ball
ADR 2008-09-10

OHS x2: 145
FS: 205
RJ: 165

Metcon: 4:42/20# ball
Matt Dyson 2008-09-10
Overhead squat - 125#
Front squat - 245#
Rack jerk - 175#
Metcon: 16# Ball 3:29
Craig Snyder 2008-09-10
OHS, heavy double: 150#
Front Squat, heavy single: 175#
Rack Jerk, heavy single: skipped

Met con: 4:28 (15# ball)
JD 2008-09-10
Overhead squat - 90kg
Front squat - 140kg
Rack jerk - 110kg
donna m 2008-09-10
ohs 65#
fs 125#
rack jerk 100#

Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-10
Metcon forgot to post earlier


fern 2008-09-10
hey greg, do you mind having a look at and critiquing a short video of some snatch practice? http://vimeo.com/1694915
Dave Wagner 2008-09-10
OHS 135#
Front Squat 255#
Rack Jerk 210#

MetCon: 3:39
Greg Everett 2008-09-11
Fern - Be a little more patient for now with the first pull to ensure you're getting into a good position for the 2nd pull. What's happening now is that the bar reaches the knees and flies straight up from there rather than being pulled back into your hips. You're also coming in a bit early with the arms (which is nearly always tied to the above).I'd suggest working some snatches from mid-thigh, emphasizing pulling the bar into the hips - think of dragging it lightly over the upper thigh and crease of the hips. Also make sure you're keeping your weight back more over the heels; in order to do this, you'll need to be leaned back slightly at the top of the extension with the bar in contact with the hips.
Jonathan 2008-09-11
OHS: worked up to 125#
Front Squat: Up to 205#
Rack Jerk: Up to 175#

No metcon for me today!
Richard Thomas 2008-09-11
OHS: 85kg
Front Squat: 100kg
Rack Jerk: 90kg
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