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Saturday September 13 2008
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Xi Xia 2008-09-13
Hi Greg,

Congrats on getting the book out! If its anything like your seminars, I'm sure it is detailed and rock solid.

I was asked a question about shoulder position when the weight is overhead in a snatch. He noticed some lifters shoulders will significantly externally rotate when they have the weight overhead. It looks like the arm pits are flaring out...it also looks like the shoulders are about to dislocate! It seems to happen naturally when there is heavy weight overhead. Is this the strongest position for the shoulder in the overhead position?
Greg Everett 2008-09-13
Xi - If I understand what you're talking about, no, that's a terrible position and it drives me crazy. I'd bet your guy hasn't seen a lifter do this, but a non-lifter athlete - no weightlifter does it, because he/she can't do it with heavy weights. That position comes from a misunderstanding of the correct shoulder position - focusing on elevating the shoulders only and neglecting scapular retraction - if the scapulae are retracted properly, what you describe can't happen.
jb 2008-09-13
c&j - 185#PR/190: failed jerk
FS: 190#PR
snatch: 150#PR

solid evidence your programming works.
John Velandra 2008-09-13
Just got the pix and vid of my deads for you. I'll send the link to the vid so you can tear it apart and where should I send the pix??

Thanks so much!
Jonathan 2008-09-13
Snatch: 140# (failed 145#)
C & J: 190# (failed 200#)
BS: 295#
3 sets of a. BBL Ab Rollouts x 15
b. Lateral Planks 45 sec each side x 3 sets


Do you know of any qualified intructors in the Birmingham, AL area? I really need some hands on coaching for the olympic lifts. The weights feel "easy" in my hands; my technique is so poor that I can't get deep enough under the bar to drive it up.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-09-13
Snatch : 80kg
C&J : 100kg, failed the clean on 107.5kg
Back Squat : not today

I had an unexpected visit last night and was forced to sleep at 5am. Pissed off because today would've been a mighty PR day !

I didn't do the squats because it would've been useless today, will do it tomorrow but I was wondering, can I do this all over again tomorrow ? I'd really want to do it since I wasn't 100% today.

Thank you for the fantastic programming,

tommi k 2008-09-13

Snatch 86kg - new current max and same as PR
C&J 118.5kg - new current max,2.5kg under PR
Back squat 170kg - new current max,2.5kg under PR

-those PRs are done 2-3years ago,haven`t done much progressive heavy lifting since those days,so I`m quite pleased

I was having a hard time with snatches,almost every lift was pulled short and I was catching them in front of me,walking etc.
Any tips how to fix something like that during a session?
I know pulling harder and higher,would help...
ADR 2008-09-13
Snatch: 135#
C & J: 185# PR
BS: 265# PR

3 sets of
a. Ab Rollouts x 15
b. Lateral Planks 1:15, 1:00, 0:45
Jason Boag 2008-09-13
Snatch: 170 PR / Previous 155
C&J: 225 PR / Previous 220
No back squat today, too spent.

Went to this authentic German restaurant last night that had 2 liter beers served in a glass boot. OMG this was awesome.

Before: Walk 800 meters with 1/2 bodyweight overhead, dropping results in 20 bodyweight squat penalty. Did many squats, used 95lbs, a little over 1/2BW but oh well.

Great Day!
Greg Everett 2008-09-13
John - Email it to coach [at] cathletics [dot] comJonathan - Try posting on goheavy.com to find a coach down there.Richard - You can try it again tomorrow, but you may find you don't have any gas in the tank. If you don't feel good during your snatches, I'd just stop and rest until Monday.Tommi - You can try snatching from the hang and doing power snatches to force a complete extension. Also try 3-position snatches ground to hang. And, of course, just make yourself extend. Think of driving through with the legs all the way until the end - a lot of times people quit with the legs and try to shrug the bar up.
tommi k 2008-09-13
Thanks Greg.
I`ll keep those in mind.I think I quit with the legs when it gets heavier and worry about getting under the bar before finishing the pull.

And my warm up was a bit rushed today too,I made bigger jumps in weights than before so my form never really got there.
So I just need a loong warm up.
EricBrandom 2008-09-13

Weights are a little down due to WOD at CFSBK

S: 177.5
C&J: 265
BS: 345

Ab rollouts 3x15
Planks 1:30 holds each side
Jesse Woody 2008-09-13
Lack of sleep and long days leading up to this made snatching feel like drowning in synchronized swimming :p Failed at 165, which was my high warm-up weight, wanting to open with 175, and failed at 165 2 more times before hitting it, then 175 after two tries, then failing under 180 (last week's PR) twice before crapping out.

C&J was easier, 230PR x 5# with a really solid jerk...I added 10x2 jerks from the rack position @ 80% (185#) on :45 rest to last Wednesday after wimping out under 225 for two crappy jerks.

High Bar Back Squat: 305PR x 5#
Matt Dyson 2008-09-13
Snatch - 125#PR 20# more than previous
Clean & jerk - 175# same as PR, Managed to Clean 185# but Jerk failed. I think it might have been due to the 200 wallball shots yesterday.
Back squat - 305# PR
3 sets of:
A. Ab rollouts x 15
B. Lateral planks - Left 57/62/55 sec Right 61/65/58 sec

Great program, thanks Greg, really feeling the changes in technique and strength.
Peter Haas 2008-09-13

Sn:135x2, 185, 205, 220(PR), 225(F)
C&J:135, 185, 230, 255(F)
BS:185, 225, 285, 305

Snatch felt great, should hit 225 next time around. Clean still feels off. Looking forward to the next cycle to get some solid technique practice.
Matt Wichlinski 2008-09-14
my oly bar a bent like a banana, and using the other power bar just doesn't allow me to grip it properly, so i did the best i could with what i had...

Power Snatch 205
OHS 255x3
cleand and jerk 255x2x3
back squat 455

ab roll outs 3x15
Richard Thomas 2008-09-15
(All max efforts same as previous)
Snatch: 70kg (failed 72.5kg)
C&J: 90kg
Back Squat: 130kg
JD 2008-09-16
Snatch - 98kg pr
Clean & jerk - 115kg
Back squat - 160kg

Hurricane Ike
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