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Thursday September 18 2008
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Richard Thomas 2008-09-18
(Re vid)
Sheesh Greg, your warm-up muscle snatch my snatch!!!!!
Fern 2008-09-18
Hey Greg,

out of curiosity, what would be the preferred sequence of movements to return to standing from a really deep split snatch like this one?:
Greg Everett 2008-09-18
Fern -Same as usual really - he's going to drive back and up from the front foot into what you would see as the typical split depth for a jerk - just a lot tougher.
Robb Wolf 2008-09-19
that camera angle makes you look the height of herve villechaize...slightly less hairy however.

Great sequence...really digging the instructionals, they totally kick-ass!
Greg Everett 2008-09-19
Robb - That's funny (or should I say, Tat's funny) - That's the haircut I'm going for.

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