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Sunday September 21 2008
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JD 2008-09-20
Video of lifts from Saturday's workout.

Greg Everett 2008-09-21
JD - Awesome work. Are you in Houston by any chance? That gym looks familiar. Only two things really stand out - on your snatch, you're pulling the bar into your hips with your arms - not dramatically, but it's obvious, and if you're snatching 90% like that, I guarantee you'll be doing way more if you square away those arms. On your jerk, that front foot barely leaves the platform, almost slides forward, and it's hitting before the back, as well as not quite getting out far enough (likely due to coming back into contact with the platform, not for lack of intention). Just try picking that foot up a little higher and pushing the heel forward. But seriously, you're pretty damn dialed in.
JD 2008-09-21
Thanks Greg, really appreciate your feedback. I'll work on both of the issues you pointed out. I've been doing the CA WOD for around two months now and have seen my lifting improve significantly. Great job with the programming.

Good eye too, I am in Houston. I try to lift at Tim Swords' garage as much as possible, which is usually limited to Saturdays. Just lifting with him once a week makes a huge difference though.
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