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Thursday September 25 2008
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Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-09-24
Love the video, and damn that's my song !
justin 2008-09-24
Why the incline press? Just to change it up?
Greg Everett 2008-09-24
Justin - He's a thrower at UCLA - needing as much strength as possible and to gain some more weight. You'd have to ask his coach for a real answer, but personally I prefer incline benches over flat if any benching is going to happen. I do think benching has its place, and there's no question it will improve the jerk - as long as the athlete is doing adequate balancing pulling work and maintaining shoulder mobility.
justin 2008-09-24
Thanks Greg,

I have also though that it has its place. By balanced pulling work would our Cleans, snatches and deads and pull/chin ups be adequate. or would you recommend and opposite looking movement like the BOR as well.
Greg Everett 2008-09-24
Justin - Regular pull-ups and chins are probably adequate, assuming you're benching only 1-2x week, but during any heavy benching cycles, some rowing exercises aren't a bad idea.
John Velandra 2008-09-25
Thanks for the email on the deads. You were spot on. I'll work on getting more vertical in start. Since I do pl, should I look to alternate days/weeks with style or add in the oly variation during warm-ups?

Have to agree, I prefer incline bench - especially dumbbells over flat bench. We throw it in as a secondary mvt just to round out the programming (plus linda is so much niceer when you do bench. lol.
Greg Everett 2008-09-25
John - I would probably set aside a period of time to work an Oly pull exclusively, and then return to your favored PL style. Same with squatting. Get in maybe 3-6 weeks of a variation, of course well out from any PL meets you're planning.
Alex Europa 2008-09-25
Greg, it looks like there was some operator error on my post from yesterday. So to continue my question:

For those of us working to improve piss-poor snatching, should we we go for a new PR if we're feeling good (i.e. yesterday)? 125 felt like a piece of cake - I guess all the time I'm spending in bottom position of a snatch along with OHS and snatch balance drills is starting to pay off. I'm positive I could've set a new PR, but I've painfully learned my lesson in the past about deviating from training plans without the proper knowledge. When is the best time to go for new PRs for those of us with such low numbers that they're sure to come quickly?
Greg Everett 2008-09-25
Alex - If you're feeling good and are confident on a given day you're able to PR, do it. New records is exactly what we want - I don't care when you make them. That said, as you alluded to, the attempt for a PR, successful or not, may disrupt the planned training a bit - but don't worry about it. It's good to be flexible. And if you made a PR, who cares if you don't feel great the next day. Just adjust the next day or two's training according to how you feel, i.e. reduce the weight or reps a bit.
tommi k 2008-09-25
-did tomorrows wo. today,scaled a bit

Snatch 80%x1x2 - 70kg
C%J 70%x1,80%x1,70%x1,80%x1 - 85/95kg

3rounds for time:
300m row
10 KB high pulls,32kg
Time 4:44

-gotta do saturdays wo. tomorrow
John Velandra 2008-09-25
Thanks Greg,
Just to make sure I understand it...
1. I should look to "SPECIALIZE" (emphasis only, not actuality) for a 3 to 6 week period to improve my clean/snatch dead. Correct?

2. DO NOT work in a PL style dead during that time (I will not be competing in a pl meet)?

3. Question - will my pl style decrease in strength or improve due to new neuro output?

4. Should I stick with clean form first and then snatch, or mix the two up? Does it matter (as I think it might)? Simply focus on the pulls at this stage or add in the extension and drop?

Pers note.... ROTTEN new styles! LOL - Thanks for the input!
Jamie 2008-09-25
Nice video, great form!
Greg Everett 2008-09-25
John - 1. Yes. I think you'll get more out of it if you work it consistently for a period of time.2. Yes, but really just because it will probably too much DL work to handle.3. It will probably increase4. In general? Work the whole movements as much as you can. Even the best pull is considerably different than what happens in an actual snatch/clean. There is no drop - there is a PULL under!
Jason Boag 2008-09-25
Been out for about a week. Moved the gym into a bigger space along with the wife's business too. Holy shit its a lot of work!

FGB III on Saturday! Can't wait to get back to WODs next week.

Greg, question dude...

I have an athlete in the gym doing the CA WODs. Noticed today that his snatch grip was considerably narrow. This guy is super flexible in the shoulders and snatches about 185 lbs, weighs about 185 lbs. Should I have him adjust his grip wider, or leave the issue alone? His grip is middle finger on the score ring...
Greg Everett 2008-09-26
Jason - You can have him try widening his grip, just do it very gradually so he doesn't kill his wrists. Wider grip = less distance and faster turnover, so once he's used to it, it will definitely improve his snatch.
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