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Tuesday September 30 2008
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Richard Thomas 2008-09-30
Muscle Snatch: 42.5kg
Snatch: 57.5kg
Clean and Jerk: 72.5kg

Jack knife sit ups
ken c 2008-09-30
what in tarnation happened to the website today?!!
Jonathan 2008-09-30
Muscle Snatch: 115# x2x2
Snatch: 115# x1x3
C&J: 155# x1x3
Ab Wheel: 3x15 from knees
Leo S. 2008-09-30
Greg - congrats on 131 Sn and 158 C&J! Getting close to 300 total!
Jamila 2008-09-30
Thank gods and goddesses! I was in withdraw all day!
Alex Europa 2008-09-30
Muscle snatch - 105 x 1 x 2
Snatch - 115 x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk - 160 x 1 x 3
Ab wheel - 3 x 15
ken c 2008-09-30

muscle snatch 155
snatch 145
clean and jerk 195

no ab wheel so:
hang leg raises x15 x2
knees to elbows x15 x2
tommi k 2008-10-01
M.Sn - 62.5kg
Sn. - 72.5kg
C&J - 97.5kg
Roll-outs 3x15(on knees)
ryan 2008-10-01
MS - 115lbs x 2 x 2
Sn - 145lbs x 1 x 3
C&J - 185lbs x 1

My shoulders were dead and I was out of time when I got to the C&J. The jerks did feel very smooth. It was more an issue of fatigue rather than intense burning pain that prevented me from completeing the WOD.
ADR 2008-10-02
Muscle snatch - 110# x 1 x 2
Snatch - 115# x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk - 165# x 1 x 3
Ab wheel - 3 x 15
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