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Thursday October 2 2008
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Aimee 2008-10-01
Leo are you nuts?
who goes up that hill barefoot?

Ryan 2008-10-01
Was that actually an assigned workout or was Leo just having some fun?
Justin "Thor" 2008-10-01
I believe I would have just left it at the bottom... Awesome work, with awesome music. The Deftones always make me work a little harder.
Greg Everett 2008-10-01
Ryan - Assigned and completed with enthusiasm and no complaining.
Ryan 2008-10-02
May I ask what the actual workout consisted of in its entirety?
John Velandra 2008-10-02
Looks painfully fun.... except for the bare feet. But, that'll definitely "toughen" them up!
Robb Wolf 2008-10-02
you guys are getting sloppy with your math...that is obviously (suck)^2
chris dunkin 2008-10-02
was that a post-lifting wod? and, are you still in the weightlifting/strength building phase, or have you evolved of the games prep? that wod would seem to push the limits of a light, medium, or girl crossfit wod.
marisela 2008-10-02
i think that is perhaps the bad ass-est thing i've ever seen. so sad i can't try this work out due to the busy streets of manhattan. no beautiful horizon in the background in hell's kitchen :(
Greg Everett 2008-10-02
Ryan - He did flip + jump through + 5 push-ups + 5 sit-ups for the first 10 flips, then just flip + jumps for the remainder of the distance. I think it takes about 45 or so flips to cover that driveway. Chris - Yes, we're moving into a phase of more CF emphasis, but he's still snatching, clean & jerking and squatting/DLing/pressing heavying - just very low volume. And yes, he did that after a lifting workout.
Chris Dunkin 2008-10-02
how about your work/rest schedule. have you modified that or are you still on the friday/sunday rest days? let me know when you start billing by the response. by the way, posters are a nice/helpful addition to the gym.
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