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Sunday October 5 2008
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Kris 2008-10-05
Ha, Awesome! I haven't heard Danzig's voice at 8:30 AM in the morning in a loooong time!

Concerning the snatch/clean pull - I've noticed that when I perform them (as well as tall snatches/cleans) I get a nice strong shrug of the traps, but when I do the full lift it seems like I just don't get a strong shrug in the same way at the top. Is that normal? Or is that a fundamental fault? I assume it's a fault I'm not really finishing the pull. I think this also causes me jump slightly forward sometimes.

Maybe I should just keep drilling the shit out of tall snatches/cleans?
Greg Everett 2008-10-05
Kris - Keep in mind that the shrug pulls you down - never up. So you can emphasize it when you snatch/clean, but only as the initiation of the 3rd pull, never as the completion of the 2nd.
Peter Haas 2008-10-05

I was out of town all this week and unable to train. What would you recommend I do this week? Should I just jump back in? Should I do the week I missed? Should I do week 1 again before we switch over to a strength cycle? thanks.
Greg Everett 2008-10-05
Peter - Just jump in this week as RXed and you should be pretty good to go.
John Velandra 2008-10-05
I see you're using wraps... is it okay to use them? I know, I answered my own question. But what is your thoughts on them? I've taken them out completely from my heavy work since CF, but I know they have a place.

ken c 2008-10-05

snatched my body weight today. here was the progression.

95x3 115 135 155 175 185 pr (6 attempts but i got it)

very happy with that. couldn't have done it without this site. thanks greg. now i'll have to work on getting to 200.
Eddy 2008-10-05
was wondering if you could suggest a place to get info. on foam rolling. not really sure of all the benfits.

thanks in advance for all your help
Eddy in Alabama
Greg Everett 2008-10-05
John - I use straps whenever I pull or DL, or do more than singles in the snatch. Sometimes when I power snatch and muscle snatch as well. I don't care about grip strength specifically, only inasmuch as it limits my snatch and clean, which it doesn't. Grip becomes the limiting factor for heavy pulls and DLs, so not using them means less possible strength/power development. Grip strength stays good enough for the classic lifts.Eddy - I don't know of anything particularly good off-hand. Search Google and I'm sure you'll come up with a number of decent articles.
Jody Woodland 2008-10-06

Mike Robertson (http://robertsontrainingsystems.blogspot.com/2008/08/soft-tissue-work.html) recently published a pdf on foam rolling and other techniques that you can get by subscribing (free) to his newsletter. I generally find his advice on posture and rehab useful.

Jody Woodland 2008-10-06
Apparently now you don't even have to subscribe to the newsletter: http://robertsontrainingsystems.blogspot.com/2008/10/download-free-smr-e-manual.html

John Velandra 2008-10-06
Gotcha - makes sense.... Thanks! Maybe now I'll break thru a couple of sticking points! LOL
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