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Thursday October 9 2008
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Jesse Woody 2008-10-08
Hit this up wednesday morning to be able to rest thursday and lift Friday night:
m-sn+2ohs: 115#x3 sets
Snatch: 125x1x4
Leo S. 2008-10-09
That's a good interview. Didn't know you used to be 77 kilos Greg!

Trevor Salmon 2008-10-09
just start to follow your site a bit with some scaling etc. as needed but wondered about the schedule. last week Thursday was a rest day I believe and I wondered whether you alternate between rest days on Thursdays or Fridays? I was eagerly anticipating a rest day as my shoulders are spent.
thanks anyone
Eric Brandom 2008-10-09
Usually, rest days are Thursday and Sunday, but since this is the last week of the microcycle, we're resting Friday to gear up for Max Day on Saturday. Hope this helps
Pat McElhone 2008-10-09

If I had only 2 days a week to do these WODs, which days would be the best? Thank you.
Greg Everett 2008-10-09
Pat - Mon/Wed/Sat during the strength cycles are the key days, and during the Bulgarian cycle, it doesn't correlate with the days of the week. What I would suggest is staying a week behind so you can see what's coming and plan accordingly. You may want to try to throw in some of the things from the off days as well, such as snatch balances, overhead squats, rack jerks, and any technique work. You'll really just need to play it by ear and do what you can.
Allen Y 2008-10-09
Great interview.

ADR 2008-10-09
I knocked this one out yesterday, and I'm using today as a rest day. I'm excited about going for Max-Max tomorrow!

Muscle snatch + 2 OHS - light-med x 3 sets - 105#
Snatch - 70% x 1 x 4 - 105#
Clean & jerk - 70% x 1 x 4 - 145#
Trevor Salmon 2008-10-09
thanks Eric.
Nice interview Greg. I'm pretty new to the lifts but have taken two olympic lifting certs (Coach B a few weeks ago and a Alberta Weightlifting Assoc. one back in March) My biggest weakness is a lack of confidence and aggressiveness getting under the bar. This past 2 weeks I have been training M/Tu/W/F/Sa and modifying my workouts from your site to include the things I need work on like snatch balance, OHS, tall snatch/cleans/jerks and I have also been trying to add some short metcons 1-2 per week too. What do you think? I hope to gradually follow your site but will wait until it's the beginning of a new cycle perhaps.
Oh, and I appreciated the quick response to my e-mail last week from Aimee
BIll S 2008-10-09
Just met Coach B. over the weekend and am going to incorporate his workout along with the CF main. He spoke highly of everyone who trains there and I am hoping to make it out there in the spring/early summer. Question, if i am going to follow the site's exercises should i take today's WOD and use it to find my max lifts? I mean constantly work up a 1 rep ladder until failure...in order to find my #'s. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
saulj 2008-10-09
Split the difference between the Wed. and Thurs. workouts
MS + 2 OHS: 3 x 30KG
Sn: 3 x 55kg
C&J: 3 x 70kg
Greg Everett 2008-10-09
Trevor - Sounds good. Keep making those weaknesses a priority and they won't be weaknesses eventually.
tommi k 2008-10-09
M.Sn.+2 OHS - 61kg,63.5kg,66kg
Sn. - 66kg
C&J - 86kg
Greg Everett 2008-10-09
Bill - If you don't have a good idea of what your max lifts are right now, then yes, it would be a good idea to test them before you jump into his program.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-10-09
M sn + 2 OHS : 62.5kg
Sn : 62.5kg
C&j : 75kg

3 rounds not for time of
10 ab roll-outs
10 ghd sit-ups
10 db swings 36kg
Justin "Thor" 2008-10-09
Great interview... The P-Menu Cert in Boston was one of the best investments I made and will be going to the Coach B Cert in Feb in Melbourne (cant wait to get back home!!!). Anyways, Im excited about the plans in the works for more intense certs and training. Can't wait!!!
David 2008-10-09
Muscle snatch + 2 OHS: 65-65-65
Snatch: 80-80-80-80
Clean & jerk: 105-105-105-105

Back at the CA WOD for a spell. Woot!
JD 2008-10-09
Muscle snatch + 2 OHS - 50kg x 3 sets
Snatch - 70kg x 1 x 4
Clean & jerk - 85kg x 1 x 4
Eric Brandom 2008-10-09

MS + 2 OHS - 135
Snatch - 140
C&J - 185

For fun: 20 box jumps chest height for time 1:14
Jody Woodland 2008-10-10
MSN+2OHS - 115#
SN - 115#
CJ - 140#
Rick 2008-10-10
MSN+ 2OHS: 105#
Sn: 75#x1x4
C&J: 130#x1x4
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