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Sunday October 12 2008
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Ian 2008-10-12
that was just barely starting to get INTENSE
what happened thereafter?
aimee is badass
that was hardcore even though it stopped prematurely
Rory 2008-10-12

In your interview you expressed that the zone diet was inadequate for maximizing performance for a weightlifter, and I couldn't agree more. What do you suggest? I assume some form of a high protein paleo diet, but how much protein exactly? And what about fat?

I have been doing crossfit for 3 years and recently I have been getting back to my strength training roots much like you. I have been checking performance menu now for about 6 months and love the material. Thanks for the help.
Mike 2008-10-12
Steak eggs and snickers.
Greg Everett 2008-10-13
Rory - How much protein depends largely on your bodyweight needs; if you're trying to gain or lose weight, I'd suggest more protein (relative to bodyweight) than if you're just maintaining. I think the old standard of 1 gram per lb of boydweight is a good guideline for minimum intake; I'd generally do 1-1.5g/lb.
Wink 2008-10-13
Let me start off with the admission that have a 1st graders knowledge of the olympic lifts. In addition, Aimee is 50 pounds lighter that me and I'm sure her weights just about double mine.

With that out of the way, let me ask this. Aren't her arm breaking way too early? Or am I not getting it?

Just wondering.
Greg Everett 2008-10-13
Wink - Have a look at that text right below the link to the video.
Wink 2008-10-16
Thanks Greg, was that there before? Cause I didn't notice it. Duh, on my part.

Keep up the great work.

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