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Monday October 13 2008
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ken c 2008-10-12
so is that a pic of aimee and coach b from like the 80's or something? :)
joe luckett 2008-10-12
Looks like Sage to me.

BTW, just started up the CA program again today. Spent most of the spring and summer doing the Mountain Athlete stuff, but missed the O-lifts. Kept it fairly light. Felt good.
Alex Europa 2008-10-13
Back squat - 235, 245, 255, 255, 255 (Had to find the right weight for High Bar)
Snatch deadlift - 175 x 3 x 3
Push press - 165 x 5 x 5

Felt really good today. Ran out of time for the accessory work. I'll hit up some L-sit work tonight whenever I get home from work.
Júlíus 2008-10-13
joe luckett, definitely Aimee, not Sage... Besides the title of the pic is 081013-aimeeBurg.jpg :P

Cool picture, though. How old is it? And how long has Aimee been training the Olympic lifts for that matter?
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-10-13
BS - 122.5kg x 3 and 117.5kg x 3 but my back muscles were just not digging it, chose to stop.

Sn Dl - 100kg
Pp - 75kg
3 sets - max pu (20, 16, 15) + ghd s-u + ghd rus. tw 10kg
tommi k 2008-10-13
Back squat - 142.5kgx3x4
Sn.Dl - 100kg
Push press 90kgx5x4 + Shoulder press PR 85kg,in warm up
Pull up 12,10,9 -sucked
GHD SU 3x10x10kg
GHD Russ.Tw. 2x30x10kg
Jonathan 2008-10-13
BS: 245# x3x1; 225# x3x4 (Could not handle the load in good form,so dropped weight)
Snatch DL: 225# x3x3
Push Press: 115# x5x5
Pull Up (Deadhang, CTB): 10, 7, 5
Weighted GHD SU: 10# x10x3 (weight now being held behind neck)
GHD Russian Twists (horizontal): 6# Med Ball x 30x2
Jesse Woody 2008-10-13
Back Squat: 260x3x5
Snatch DL: 295x3x3 (talk about technique discrepancy!)
Push Press: 175x5x5

4 hours later:
Pull-up: 13-11-9
Flat Bench 190x5x3
GHD sit-up +25#
Russian Twist +16k kB

Put together a video of our lifts from last Friday/Saturday. Enjoy watching our PR's, many technical mistakes, and Anna's trademark on-the-ass receiving position for the clean ;)

Eric Brandom 2008-10-13

BS - 305
SDL - 225
PP - 195
Pullups 18, 21, 16
GHD SU - 45#
Russian Twists 45#
David Stout 2008-10-13
M - 33 - 5'10" - 174# BW

Back squat - 175#
Snatch deadlift - 155#
Push press - 105
Pull-ups - 9, 7, 7
Weighted GHD sit-ups - 3 x 10
GHD russian twists - 3 x 30

Notes: GHD sit-ups with no weight. Standard russian twists, no GHD used.
Anna 2008-10-13
Some of us were on the verge of emotional meltdown that day and were lifting like crap...
Anna 2008-10-13
Back squat--170#
Snatch Deadlift--185#
ADR 2008-10-13
Back Squat: 230#
Snatch DL: 160#/185#/225#
Push Press: 135#
Pull-up: 12-11-11
GHD sit-up +25#
Russian Twist +8kg kB

Jesse - great job putting the video together!
EJM 2008-10-13
When doing the snatch deadlift, do you prescribe hips down (as if you're picking the bar off the floor for a lift) or hips up (as if you're doing a powerlifting-style deadlift)?

Also, are body rows an acceptable substitute for pull-ups, if one is unable to do a pull-up?
Greg Everett 2008-10-13
EJM - See the text below today's workout for the snatch DL question. Yes, body rows are legit.Jesse - What's up with you toe-lifters? Little Miss Anna there is kicking the boys' asses. The dudes need to get that weight back onto the heels (and Anil needs to drop his hips about 3 ft in the snatch start position). Anna - you're moving to CA to train with us. You don't have a say in the matter. Start packing. Congrats on all the records everyone.
Justin "Thor" 2008-10-13
BS: 270 lbs x3x5
Snatch DL: 195lbs. x3xx
PP: 175lbs. x5x5 (also got a pr on the press @ 185lbs while warming up)

Pull-ups: 0-Shoulder were really hurting
Weighted Abmat sit-ups w/20lbs.
Side bends with 2 pood kettlebell.

ken c 2008-10-13

back squat 315
snatch deadlift 225
push press 185
hspu 5x5 (lots of pull ups and mu the last few days)
ghd sit ups 45
russian twists 45
Jesse Woody 2008-10-13
Hehe, that's why I mentioned the many technical flaws ;) What do you think o-lifts after 3 years of crossfit wod's and powerlifting squats and deadlifts should look like anyway! :p

Don't give anna a big head...she'll outgrow her bangs! (and yes she's kicking ass, percentage-wise her PR's are lightyears ahead of ours too :p)

Greg Everett 2008-10-13
Jesse -Oh.... I told you so.
Jesse Woody 2008-10-13
Indeed you did ;) Thanks for the feedback, expect more heel-centric lifts in 4 weeks or your money back!

...oh, and if anna moves to California Anil and I will have to fight you :p
ADR 2008-10-14
Greg -
Gotcha - hips and heels down...Thanks for the advise!

As for Anna - She's awesome...she has enough ammo to give Jesse and I an earful for the next 4 weeks. Watch out on the next max/max day!
Allen Y 2008-10-14

Nice video!
jerry 2008-10-14
back squat - 83% x 3 x 4 - used 195#
snatch grip dead-lift - 110% x 3 x 3 - used 185#
push press - 85% x 4 x 4 - used 135#
pull ups (strict, no kipping) 3 x max - only did 2 sets of 14 and 11

2 weeks off makes for a tough workout.
Jason Boag 2008-10-21
BS: 245
SN DL: 185
PP: 175
PU: 15, 10, 9
GHD: 10lbs
RT: 10lbs
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