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Thursday October 23 2008
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ken c 2008-10-22
i like them dots.
Allen Y 2008-10-23
Wow it looks like I've been doing that drill waaaaay too slowly.
David Osorio 2008-10-23
MSI takes me back to high school.
Robb Wolf 2008-10-23
I want to see Frank Yang do that drill...I think a leg will fly off...
Greg Everett 2008-10-23
Allen - I think Stephane Rochet said that the current record for the dot drill (6 passes through each of the 5 drills) is 37 seconds - Just to make you feel worse.Robb - I do too, as long as he's not wearing a thong and vomiting milk.
Justin "Thor" 2008-10-23
Yeah, we used to do those drills constantly during our summer football drills, all the while my coach would yell at me to get my fat defensive end ass moving faster... Too bad he didnt teach us how to clean properly back then.
JP 2008-10-23

Looking forward to the competition this weekend. I don't know if coach told you but I am able to compete. I will be heading up there. Was hoping to either get a ride or car pool. Email me back at jp@crossfitsandiego.com

Ben M 2008-10-24
this site needs more interviews!

give Frank dots and he might start splicing in pimples to the videos.
Allen Y 2008-10-24
37 seconds....geez

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