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Saturday October 25 2008
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We miss you Sage!
  • Snatch - heavy single
  • Clean & jerk - heavy single
  • Front squat - heavy single
  • Ab work of choice

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Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-10-25
Sn - 82.5kg, failed 87.5kg
C&j - 102.5kg, failed jerk 107.5kg
Fs - 110kg

Ring work.
tommi k 2008-10-25
Sn. - 88.5kg
C&J - 116KG
FS - 142.5kg
Weighted GHD Sit up 3x8 - 10,15,20kg
Side bends 2x10x38kg
Eric Brandom 2008-10-25

Sn- 195# failed 200
C&J- 265, failed 275 (bad jerk)
FS - 285
Abs - GHD Situps 3x20
HLR - 3x15 +10#'s per leg
ADR 2008-10-25
weak showing today...

Snatch - 135#, failed 145#
Cleans (no jerks today) - 205#, failed 225#
Front Squat - 225#, failed 245#

3 rounds:
KTE x 15
Ab wheel x 10
Pat McE 2008-10-25
Sn 165, F 175
C&J 205, F 220
FS 285
No abs
Jesse Woody 2008-10-25
Yeah, Anil hit the nail on the head...high-gravity day today at Primal :p

Snatch 185, then tried 4 more singles working on keeping my weight on my heels, missed them all...seems that if I keep my weight back, I end up not getting full extension and my drop is much slower...still have a lot of work to do.
C&J: 245, missed one, made the next, shaky jerk
FS: 285, surprisingly good for today actually.

Ran out of time for abs, will hit some L-sits and windshield wipers at home.
saulj 2008-10-25
Sn: 65kg (not doing well on my snatches...)
C&J: 80kg (was easy, 85kg much harder)
FS: 2 x 100 (much easier than 2 weeks ago)

No abs...
Richard Thomas 2008-10-26
(Just a 75% day for me)
Snatch: 55kg
Clean and Jerk: 70kg
No front squats

Mixed ab work: Abmat sit ups, Planks, lateral planks etc
Plus played with the KB's
Matt Wichlinski 2008-10-26
Robb Wolf 2008-10-26
SN-85, failed on 90
C&J-just missed 111

Feeling completely knackered. Back-off week...please....
Mike C. 2008-10-30
SN: 80kg (pr), failed on 82.5

Ran out of time for everything else. I was pleased to hit a PR after being out for 6 weeks with wrist/elbow tendinitis.

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