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Sunday October 26 2008
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tommi k 2008-10-25
solid squats,excellent song
howard 2008-10-25
Hello Aimee,

Can I ask a few questions?

1. What was the hip/back injury you had?
2. How long was the rehab (to the video) and is it complete?
3. Do various pulls require the same degree of caution that the squat requires?

Good video as always, thanks...

Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-10-26
I have a question. I'm doing the 10x3 for back squats on monday and front squats on wednesday (loving it btw), and I'm wondering what's the most effective between :

- beasting thru both sessions, increasing both weights each week
- alternating "heavy" BS on monday - "light" FS on wednesday, and the next week light BS on monday - heavy FS on wednesday

Thank you, and have a good rest day everyone.

Ian 2008-10-26
Impressive work, Aimee. I'm curious how much rest was taken between each set.

I decided this weekend that I'm going to jump in and start following the PMenu WOD. I started yesterday. Snatch 80kg, C&J 100kg, FS 120kg.

My goals for now are 100kg Snatch, 130kg C&J. I'm hoping this will get me there faster.

Greg Everett 2008-10-26
Richard - Make one of the days lighter.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-10-26
Got it. Merci !
Robb Wolf 2008-10-26
The secret of Aimee's strength lies in her strategic use of NorCal "Jerks & Snatches" gear. Strong, like bull.
aimee 2008-10-26
Ian- I normally rest about 2-4 minutes between each set.

I had some partial tears and full tears in and around my right hip/butt/lower back area. I also had some pulled muscles all which caused a stress fracture in my L5. I took about 3 1/2 months off when I finally went to the doctor in march. That video was taken about 3 weeks ago, and is quite below my best squat. We are still rehabing in the sense that we are being cautious and smart with my training. I have been pain free for about 6 weeks. I still am doing everything I can to not go backwards. We exercise the same degree of caution when warming up in any of my exercises and always try to ensure I do my exercies in an order in which one does not affect the other. For example, I always snatch first then jerk or press then squat then pull. If I pull or deadlift first my hip and right glute gets to tight and fatigued making it difficult to get a good squat workout in.
Does this answer your question and make any sense?
howard 2008-10-26


It does, thank you.

The tightness if you pull first, this doesn't seem to be a re-injury, obviously, so what is it? Muscles getting used to heavy work again or something?

Aimee 2008-10-27
howard-yes, that is what we think.Sometimes the area just gets so tight and starts to pull and it causes my lower back to lock up. Most likely from the muscles healing and just getting used to those movements again. It is happening less and less now, which is good.Also, I am terrible at stretching. Absolutely terrible. So this does not help much.
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