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Tuesday October 28 2008
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  • Muscle snatch - heavy single x 3
  • Push press + push jerk + jerk - 60% (of jerk) x 3 sets
  • Power clean - 75% x 2 x 3
3 rounds for time of:
10 kipping pull-ups
10 GHD sit-ups

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kent 2008-10-28
Why did you take a pic jumping off the tires? Just pickin'. that is amazing thanks for what you and Greg do for us.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-10-28
No gas in the tank today

M Sn - 60/65/60kg
Pp/Pj/J - 67.5kg
PC - 75kg

3 rounds for time of
10 kipping pull-ups
10 KTE's

bk 2008-10-28
Second day on your program ,love it!
what is the regulation warmup for your workout?
M Sn - 43/47/47 kg
PP/PJ/J- 50kg
PC-61 kg
Living in the States for 5 years and just getting used to poundage,now back to kilos. Really screwing with my head.
All good
Shawn B. 2008-10-28
Muscle Snatch - 120# x 3
Push Press/Push Jerk/Jerk - 105#
Power Clean - 135#

3 Rounds for time:
10 Pull-ups
10 GHD Sit-ups

Jesse Woody 2008-10-28
Muscle Sn.: 135, 140pr, 145pr

PP/PJ/Jrk. 150x3 sets

P Cln.: 190x2x3
tommi k 2008-10-28
M.Sn. - 76kg x1x3
PP+PJ+J - 75kg
Pwr.Cln. - 90kg

Metcon 2:52
Richard Thomas 2008-10-28
Training very limited this week, Became a dad on Monday!

Tuesday night:
36kg Kettlebell Clean & Push Press 10 x 5L/5R

Wed morning:
Back squat 110kg x 3 x 10
push press, Push jerk, Jerk 70kg x 3 sets

3 rounds:
50 double unders
20 Jack knife sit ups (V ups)
ADR 2008-10-28
Muscle Snatch - 125# x 3
Push Press/Push Jerk/Jerk - 135#
Power Clean - 165#

3 Rounds for time:
10 Pull-ups
10 GHD Sit-ups

Greg Everett 2008-10-28
BK - We don't really have a standard warm-up per se - Spend 500 m or so on a rower, then run through a series of dynamic range of motion drills, e.g. arm cicles, leg swings front and back, trunk rotations, etc. and you're good to go.
Eric Brandom 2008-10-28

M/23/6'1"/180MS 165 x3
PP,PJ,J 170, 185x2

Metcon: 1:51

Congrats Richard
ken c 2008-10-28

muscle snatch 165
PP,PJ,J 165

cf wod: squat cleans 225 235 245 255f 255f 255 260pr

metcon: 2:38

pull ups: chest to bar
ghd sit ups: hand to ground

260 clean was freakin ugly. out in front of me. gotta pull it in. i'll make up the power cleans tomorrow maybe.
Ian 2008-10-28
day 2 - loving it

MS 62.5kg
PP/PJ/J 65
PC 80

metcon: 2:43

Jody Woodland 2008-10-28
MSN - 135#
PP/PJ/J - 125#
PC - 155#

no time for metcon
Richard Thomas 2008-10-29
Thanks Eric. Day 3 - Getting very tired now!
Anthony Bainbridge 2008-10-29
Sweet jump Aimee!! What's the height?!?!?
Robb Wolf 2008-10-29
I was beat to freaking death...took the day off. Foam roll, stretch...die.
aimee 2008-10-29
We think it was about 42 inches!
I was happy, we don't have anything that high at coach B's...! I did 3 sets of 5!

I am embaressed to even tell you since you can jump over a horse!
Jonathan 2008-10-29
MS: 125# 1x3
PP + PJ + J = FUN: 130# x3sets
Power Clean: 190# x2x3
Metcon: 10 KPU + 10 GHD SU x 3rds: 2:55, HR 153
Low incline DB bench 65# x10
Anthony Bainbridge 2008-10-30
Aimee, actually, it was a cow and I didn't quite make it. :(

15 reps at 42" is insane!

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