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Sunday November 2 2008
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Trevor 2008-11-01
incredible. My weak point is OHS but getting better all the time. A year ago I'd be lucky to go full depth with a dowel rod and now I'm a bit over 95lbs for 3-4 reps.
tommi k 2008-11-02
Snatch - 88.5KG, 3x fail @93.5kg/twice to front,once behind)
C&J - 121kg, up to heavy single,same as PR
Back squat - 175kg, up to heavy single, PR

-pretty good session after a hard workshift and 4hours of sleep last night

Greg, would it make sense to try Max SN/C&J on wednesday maybe?
Greg Everett 2008-11-02
Tommi -Sure, but if you do that, do only 1 set of BS on Mon and skip the pulls.
tommi k 2008-11-02
Yes, thanks Greg.
Rob McBee 2008-11-02
Inspiring OHS workout Greg. If I may add a thicker layer of praise, I strongly recommend your book OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING. My expectations were very high but still wildly surpassed. The only downside is that this book has made the bulk of my training library obselete.

Today we officially, more like finally, started the CA WOD as THE trainers programming in the gym. Started back on the 3S1 cycle so we're behind but couldn't wait until tomorrow. Great session and excited about tomorrow although asses are kicked.

Thanks for everything.
Mike Minium 2008-11-02
Strong work, Greg!
Alex Europa 2008-11-02
Yo! Greg, you just snatch grip push pressed 308...Need I say more?

Freaky strong bro!
Ian 2008-11-03
Awesome demo, Greg!
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