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Saturday November 1 2008
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Eric Brandom 2008-11-01

Sn - 195
C&J - 255 - a weak effort
BS - 315 - kept light because of CFT tomorrow
Abs - 3x15 GHD situps
3x10 KTE's
3x5 Skin the cats
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-01
Complicated day, I didn't have time to train but still went 18 hours into my fast. Stupid decision as I was already trembling but I did it just for the record.

Sn - 75kg
C&j - 102.5kg
Bs - 135kg
ADR 2008-11-01
Snatch 155#
C&J 195#
BS 275#
Jesse Woody 2008-11-01
Day of fail:
Snatch 185#, 205# fail x 3, 200# fail x 3
C&J: 225#, 260 fail x 4
BS: 320# PR
Justin "Thor" 2008-11-01

So how high is that jump?
Greg Everett 2008-11-01
Thor - About 51" - it was sternum-height on me with WL shoes on.
ken c 2008-11-01

snatch 180
clean and jerk 235
back squat 365
dead hang pull ups x 3: 17 11 10
max hspu: 12

a little hung over from halloween drinking and staying out late. heavy but no pr's. failed 4 times at 190 snatch and twice at 245 c&j.
Ian 2008-11-01
S 72.5
C&J 105 - PR
skipped squats
Mike C. 2008-11-06
Snatch 80 kg, 82.5 (fail)
C&J: 90 kg
BS: 254 lbs x 3
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