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Tuesday November 4 2008
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Robb Wolf
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ken c 2008-11-03
nice work there robb. lifting heavy in your new dojo. does it get any better than that? ya know...workoutwise i mean.
Robb Wolf 2008-11-03
It's fantastic. But...The person spotting me is a large, hairy dude. If it were nude dancing girls...now, now we are talking.
Richard Thomas 2008-11-04
Muscle Snatch: 57.5kg
Clean/jerk complex: 55kg
ken c 2008-11-04

capital idea for sure but i would suggest you save the nude dancing girls for spotting your bench press. but hey, that's just me.
Ed 2008-11-04
Folks, a question. The percentage listed before the exercise equates to body weight???
Today is 55% clean so a bit over half of my total weight? Thanks and good job Robb! I met you at the Oly class recently. Nice gym and great people!

Jesse Woody 2008-11-04
No, the percentages relate to your max lifts, so it would be 55% of your max-clean
Robb Wolf 2008-11-04
Leonid S. 2008-11-04
Ken - that's a great idea, but better yet if they'd be stretching you out after a wod!

Robb - solid squatting! How's your olympic lifting cycle going?
Robb Wolf 2008-11-04
My knees fracking hurt! I'm switching things up and working mainly power and split variants for a while...maybe 1/10 I will hit squat variants. When I do this, the knees feel fine and I'm still making progress.
tommi k 2008-11-04
M.Sn.+Sn.Bal. 80%(M.Sn.) x 2sets - 63.5kg
T.Cln.+Mh.Cln.+2Jerk x 3sets -71kg
Ed 2008-11-04
Thanks Jesse!
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-04
Knee still not better since yesterday, I've decided to take some days off.

Frustrating because I don't know exactly what caused the pain. I'm considering something similar as Robb Wolf outlined here if these knees pains don't stop.
ADR 2008-11-04
Muscle snatch - 130.5# PR by 0.5#
Tall clean + mid-hang clean + 2 jerk - 125# x 3 sets

20-15-10 reps for time of:
Kipping pull-ups
Jonathan 2008-11-04
Horrible day at work. Only one egg, one protein shake and one cuppa joe since waking. Way too low on my energy needs and my attitude sucked, but I gave it a shot.

MS: up to 125# x1
Tall Cl + MH Cl + 2 J: 120# x3 sets
20 Burpees and 20 KPU: 2:30 and bailed

Time to eat!
Ian 2008-11-04
MS: 67.5kg - PR...but maybe just a little press out so I'm not sure if it counts
Clean drill: 60kg
MetCon: 7:07

Jesse Woody 2008-11-04
Muscle Sn.: 135#
tall cln. + mid-hang cln. + 2 jrks. 140# x 3 sets

no metcon
Jay Huhn 2008-11-05
MS 80 kg
TC + HC + 2 Jerks x3 60 kg
Metcon-7 min crushed me

These Oly aux. lifts fine tune technique
Gavin 2008-11-05
How much are you squatting in the pic?
ken c 2008-11-05
muscle snatch 175
tall clean+hang clean+jerk 145

no metcon. ran out of time.
Jody Woodland 2008-11-06
MSN - 145#
TC+MHCL+2xJ - 115#

Metcon 9:15
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