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Wednesday November 5 2008
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tommi k 2008-11-05
186cm/97kg - Heavy singles:

Snatch - 96kg, PR by 5kg
C&J - 123.5kg, PR by 2.5kg

500m row, 1:24.1 PR

No fails today,everything felt good!!Some Metcon tomorrow morning,and then some heavy drinking, AMRAP in 24hours.
Have a strong saturday everybody!!
Jesse Woody 2008-11-05
FS: 260# x 1
Jrk (from the front) 195# x 2 x 3

3 x 10:
Straight-legged deadlift on a box 95#
GHD Sit-Up + 10#

2 sets of 6 windshield wipers
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-05
Knee still busted, squatting down is too uncomfortable. Decided to try out the split variants of the lifts today. Split snatch feels great, still need to work on the split cleans, but that will do to continue following the WOD for the most part, I'm happy !

Muscle snatch - 67.5kg
Split Snatch - 72.5kg
Split C&J - 82.5kg x 2
Deadlift - 180kg

Eric Brandom 2008-11-05

Missed yesterday so I combined them

Muscle Snatch - 160#
Front Squat - 265#
Clean Complex - 155#
Rack Jerk - 205#

Rowing metcon:
ADR 2008-11-05

Front squat - 215# x 1
Rack jerk - 165# x 2 x 3

For time:
3 rounds:
200 m row
10 kipping pull-ups
2 min rest
2 rounds:
300 m row
10 box jumps (36" Box)

Ian 2008-11-05
FS: 127.5 kg
RJ: 70kg

Metcon: 9:12 - I was reduced to a heaving weakling
Trevor Salmon 2008-11-05
kind of modified and blended the last two workouts
3 x tall clean(1) + hang clean(1) + split jerk(2)
rack behind the neck jerk practice for 3 sets
met con
3rds of 200m row and 10 chins = 4:26
2min rest
2rds of 300m row, 10 box jumps 30" = approx 4min as my watch didn't start but the rows were each around 1:15

I find that I'm dipping down straight with an upright torso by when I start the drive I move forward this I believe causes my landing to be off. My front leg is fine but my back leg is locked straight heels up though.
Jody Woodland 2008-11-06
FS - 250#
RJ - 145#

Metcon - 11:45
Jonathan 2008-11-06
Front Squat: up to 205# x1
Rack Jerk: 135# x2x3
Metcon: 3 rds of 20 SDLHP x45# with 10 KPU (4:24)
2 minute rest
2 rds of 30 SDLHP x45# with 10 box jumps (4:18)
10:42 total
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