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Friday November 7 2008
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Weightlifting seminar at Primal Fitness Oct 2007
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Phil Stablein 2008-11-07
I attended the last one, Nov 07. Fantastic seminar, really comprehensive. I'll be out of town and will have to miss this one, but sign up now, because you NEED it.
Steve 2008-11-07
I was thinkig of starting your daily WOD next week. I was wondering if you had any suggestions since you are in the 2 or 3rd week of your strength phase. Should I adjust the WOD or maybe wait till another cycle
Greg Everett 2008-11-07
Steve - I'd suggest going back to the beginning of the current strength cycle.
Aimee 2008-11-07
everyone has to register for this seminar in DC! it is my BIRTHDAY on the 11th! What better way to celebrate???

We will have so much fun!!
Jesse Woody 2008-11-07
Just for another plug, the last time they came to our facility I was blown away at the amount of info Greg has to share. I can't think of an athlete or coach at any level that wouldn't benefit from his teaching. The Primal O-lifting team is lucky enough to have this the week before our first meet, so we're all PSYCHED! Be there or be square!

Aimee, what kind of cake do you want? And you know this means that you're coming out to party with us at the bar down the street ;)!
Aimee 2008-11-07
HECK YES I will eat a cake and I will for sure go out to the bar down the street!! And when it comes to cake, I am not picky... all cakes are delicious! I have yet to come across a cake I didn't love.
It is, you know, the 2nd reunion of my 30th birthday so drinks are almost a necessity!
Ryan 2008-11-09
Just signed up for the seminar, I can't wait to learn how to o-lift properly!
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