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Saturday November 8 2008
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James 2008-11-07
Due to technique issues with my snatch (namely the classic lack of confidence in the bottom position) my power snatch max is greater than my snatch max. My question is, on a max effort day like this, would it be more advisable to work up to a power snatch max given that the poundage is higher, or stick with a full snatch to drill technique and build confidence under the bar, even though there's less weight on the bar?

Greg Everett 2008-11-07
James - Work up to your heaviest snatch for the day, the move to power snatches to a max - but overhead squat every one of them.
Eric Brandom 2008-11-08

Snatch - 215# (PR)+ 230# split snatch - effin weird
C&J - 270# (-10)
BS - 365 (-15)

Did a fun metcon

BackSquat 3 @315#
1-arm Pullups 6
Pushups 9

ADR 2008-11-08

Snatch - 155#, 165# (F)
Clean & Jerk - 205#, 215# (Clean PR, Failed Jerk)
Back Squat - 285# (10# PR!), 295# (F)
Ab Work - 10 x :15 Hanging L-Sits on the minute

I can't wait until the Seminar in Jan!
Jesse Woody 2008-11-08
Snatch: Failed at 190# x 3, which is 5# under my PR. I feel like when I get a good position and pull off my heals, I never get fast enough in my second and third pulls, and when I focus on speed, I get up on my toes and lose it behind...all around not feeling snatches at all today
Clean & Jerk: 255# pr, 260# pr. Those felt great
Back Squat: 325pr, 335f

6x:15 L-sit on the minute for abs.

We shot some video, I'll throw it together tonight and post it up tomorrow so you can all enjoy our various failures etc. :p
Sam Edwards 2008-11-08
Snatch pr 160 failed 170.
having back trouble on clean and jerk so staying clear for a while.
does anyone know if upper back pain is common with c&J?
Ian 2008-11-08
Snatch - 80kg tied my PR, crappy form nonetheless
C&J - 110kg - new PR, though a bit of a press out so I guess it doesn't count
BS - 132.5...failed at 142.5 and called it a day as by this time I was worn out.

Turkish Getups 3x10 w/ 1.5 pood KB

I just got the Seminar DVD. Greg - you are an awesome teacher, very articulate with the details and explain them in a way that makes sense. It's gonna take months if not years to master and fully digest all the information in this DVD. From the get-go, Chapter 1 is "Foundation" addressing the proper Olympic squat and I realized my squat form is all f-ed up as I've been sticking my butt out too far and not letting my knees come forward enough, which is making it very difficult to catch the bar deep. I videoed my workout today and man, my form sucks. But it's all good, because it's now becoming very clear what I need to fix, which is half the battle.

2 weeks into this WOD and loving it.
Jody Woodland 2008-11-09
Like James, my power lifts exceed my full. Last few weeks I've been accepting lower weights while working on proper reception. This is the first time I've gone heavy.
SN - 70kg, only 5 off PSN PR, pretty pleased with this.

CJ - got 90kg (5 off) but didn't really take deep, really only got 80 in nice reception.

BS 365# - tied PR, got stuck in the hole with 385#, kinda tired by this point.

Abs - Thursday's routine - 3x40 russian twists, 3x15 HLR.
Jonathan 2008-11-10
Snatch: 145# PR by 5#
C&J: 195# PR by 5#, cleaned 205#, but failed Jerk x2
BS: 295#
Mike C. 2008-11-10
Sn: 82.5 kg PR

C&J: 100 kg PR
BS: 135 kg PR

No abs either day.
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