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Monday November 10 2008
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Mike 2008-11-09
New to the website.

When the workout says for example:

Snatch 85% 1 x 4

does that mean 1 set of 4

or 4 sets of 1

In other words, which comes first on the layout, sets or reps?

Thanks and great site.
Greg Everett 2008-11-09
Mike - Check out the "Info" link at the top of the WOD column for answers to all that and more.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-10
split Sn - 72.5kg
split c&j - 92.5kg
FS - 92.5 + 97.5kg
weighted GHD's - 10kg on chest, then 5kg behind head for the rest (those were much harder than I thought)
+ 10 db swings at 36kg after each GHD set

tommi k 2008-11-10
Sn. - 81kg
C&J - 106kg
FS - 120kg,127.5kg
W.GHD Su - 3x10x20kg
Kevin Parsons 2008-11-10
For each set of the front squats- we do 2 reps at 80% and then do an additional rep w/ 85% with as little rest as possible correct?
ADR 2008-11-10
Snatch - 140.5# x 1 x 4
Clean & jerk - 185# x 1 x 4
Front squat - (190# x 2, 200# x 1) x 3
Weighted GHD sit-ups - 3 x 10 - 25# BTN
Greg Everett 2008-11-10
Kevin - Do 2 reps at 80%; rest; do 1 rep at 85%; rest; repeat that 3 times
Eric Brandom 2008-11-10
Snatch - 185
C&J - 235
FS - 235/245
GHD Situps - 55#
WhiskeySean 2008-11-10
First time doing the CA workout. Hope this is a good time to jump in.

Snatch 135#
Cleans (forgot the jerk) 225
FS 255
GHD. n/a No GHD, and given my perpetual ingoration of Ab specific work, I settled for some hanging leg lifts this time around.

I'll get better, I promise. Front bottom of my left knee was tender/sore last few days, this seemed like the wrong set of exercises to do, so I took it easy. Plus, no bumpers.Plus.... I had sand in my.. oh nevermind.

Will this make me bigger?


Jonathan 2008-11-10
Snatch: 120# x1x4
C&J: 165# x1x4
FS: (170#x2; 180#x1) x3
GHDSU: 15# BN x10x3

Did this WOD after maxing out, as I was glued to football on Saturday. Actually felt really good!
ken c 2008-11-10

snatch 155
clean and jerk 215
front squat 245 & 255
ghd sit ups 45

Ian 2008-11-10
S: 67.5kg
C&J: 90kg
FS: 110/120kg

GHD: 20lb sand ball

Felt uninspired to workout today
Glad I didn't quit on myself
Wasn't my best day but it was worthwhile
Jesse Woody 2008-11-10
Snatch: 170# x 1 x 4, one miss on second set.
C&J: 225# x 1 x 4, relatively hard, shaky jerk.
Front Squat: 230#/235#
GHD Sit-Up +10, +15, +15
Jody Woodland 2008-11-11
Day late, weights low as I concentrate on proper reception.
SN - 135#
CJ - 170#
FS - 225#, 235#
GHD SU - 3x10 @ 25#

Is it normal to find it easier to receive a snatch in full squat than clean? I find myself with poor and inconsistent racking in the cleans even at the lower weights I'm using.
Greg Everett 2008-11-11
Jody - Really depends on your particular flexibility issues, anthropometrics, experience, etc.
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