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Wednesday November 12 2008
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Janine from the great white north (east)
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Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-12
* Snatch - 72.5kg x 1 x 3
* Clean & jerk - 92.5kg x 1 x 3
* Front squat - knee irritated while warming up, cut it short
* Hanging leg raises - 3 x 15
* 6 round of Tabata rowing - 790m
tommi k 2008-11-12
Sn. - 81kg
C&J - 106kg
FS - 127.5kg
HLR - 3x12

-still feeling unusually slow and tired
Eric Brandom 2008-11-12

Snatch - 185
C&J - really difficult today - 235
FS - 250
HLR - +10#
Janine 2008-11-12
yeh! that's me!
Thanks again for letting me hang out with you guys last week.
Jonathan 2008-11-12
Snatch: 125# x1x3
C&J: 165# x1x3
FS: 185# x2x3
ken c 2008-11-12

did yesterday's wod with ohs instead of muscle snatch. my weakness is overhead not the pull.

overhead squat 225 pr
snatch 135 155
power clean and jerk 205

deadlift 365x3 385x3 405x3

just wanted to do some deadlift.
Jesse Woody 2008-11-12
Snatch 165# x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk 220# x 1 x 3
Front Squat 240 x 2 x 3

3x15 hanging leg raises, second set broken, other two straight.
WhiskeySean 2008-11-13
Snatch: 145#
C&J 230#
Front Squat: 265#

Broken Leg Lifts after the first set.

Patella tendon still a bit sore, but steadily improving. It encourages proper form. If I ain't 100% by tomorrow, I'll rest it another day.

ADR 2008-11-13
Snatch: 140.5# x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk: 185# x 1 x 3
Front Squat: 205 x 2 x 3

3x15 hanging leg raises
Minh 2008-11-29
C&J: 218x1x3
FrSq: 215x2x3
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