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Friday November 14 2008
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Kevin Parsons 2008-11-13
Subs for the halfmoons? Db's?

Thanks in advance,

Aimee 2008-11-13
You could use a 10kg plate
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-14
P Sn - 60kg
C&J - 75kg, 85kg

Metcon w/ 20kg plate : 7'36"
tommi k 2008-11-14
P.Sn. - 76kg
C&J - 86kg, 98.5kg

Metcon 9:20, with 32kg KB...no fun
CraigH 2008-11-14
One rep of a sbhm = left to right and back?
Robb Wolf 2008-11-14
Finally finished my review of the poliquin biosig seminar and some thoughts on his Case Against CrossFit:

Greg Everett 2008-11-14
CraigH -Each side is 1 rep.
CraigH 2008-11-14
Whew. Thanks, G.
ADR 2008-11-14
Power snatch - 135# x 1 x 4
Clean & jerk - (150# x 1, 175# x 1) x 2

3 rounds for time:
500 m row
10 Sandbag halfmoons - 50# Sandbag

Jesse Woody 2008-11-14
p-sn.: 155x1x4
cln. + jrk.: 185/210 x 1 x 2

3 rounds
500m row
10 sbhm, 50# sb: 10:05

First week back doing met-cons after a LONG layoff...god they suck as much as I remember :p
Jonathan 2008-11-14
Power Snatch: 115 x1x4
C&J: (135 x1; 155 x1) x2
Strict Shoulder Press: 95 x12; 135 x3
Metcon: 3 rds for time: 400m run with DB Swings 60# x10: 9:10
JimmyJames 2008-11-14
Power Snatch 98# x1x4
C&J: (120# x1; 142# x1)x2

Hey all. I'm still pretty n00bish to the oly lifts. Looking forward to improving! After a year of CrossFit -- Decided to try this for two months at least and see what happens.

3 rounds for time:
500m row
10 firehose halfmoons -- 48lbs of hose with two handles I D clipped on.

MInh 2008-11-29
PwrSn: 140x1x4
C&J: (178x1, 203x1)x2

Metcon: 10:15 (bad form on Halfmoons.)
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