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Wednesday November 19 2008
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Daz 2008-11-18
Congratulations guys,
I'll be over at the start of Feb09, I hope to drop in.
David Osorio 2008-11-18
Congratulations, Greg and Aimee!! I'll look forward to following your progress over the next few months.

Also- sweet tank, Aimee.
Aimee 2008-11-18
thanks for the congrats!

David, I seriously wear that tank top almost daily. I think I am your biggest free advertisement.
Matt Wichlinski 2008-11-18

is there a jet propelled fan in front of your face, or did Greg just let one rip?
Gregory L. Johnson 2008-11-19
Awesome guys! I hope to visit you in your new facility one of these days. I am in Monterey almost every month which only puts me about an hour away.

Stephan - CF Broward 2008-11-19
Greg and Aimee, congrats and I wish you guys the best
ec 2008-11-19
nice! congrats greg and aimee!
ken c 2008-11-19
huge congrats greg and aimee! that sounds like one kick ass gym. makes me want to move to sunnyvale.
Aimee 2008-11-19
It will definitely kick some ass!
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-19
Fantastic, that facility definitely holds a great future, congratulations !

Sn - 77.5kg (felt solid with no fails today)
C&J - 95kg
FS - 92.5/97.5/102.5lg

metcon w/ 30kg db - 3'42"
Anton Emery 2008-11-19
Cool, I'll have to pay you all a visit sometime. We are down in the Bay Area semi frequently.

Ryan P 2008-11-19
congrats on the new training facility!
luca z. 2008-11-19
Congratulations guys, it's great to have you close, so I can come down and visit, looking forward to see your new box.

Dutch 2008-11-19
Mid january..Perfect!
I will be out that way in January/Febraury.
I look forward to seeing the new place.

Jonathan 2008-11-19
Snatch: 130# x1x3
C&J: 175# x1x3
FS: 190 x1; 165 x3; 190 x1; 175 x2; 190 x1
3 rds for time: 20 KPU and 15 DB Swings @ 65#. 8:15

Sweet facility there Greg and Aimee. Say, how far is that from Alabama?
Ed 2008-11-19
SWEET! Greg and Aimee in the Bay Area! Awesome. Cant wait to work out at the new gym.

Jesse Woody 2008-11-19
Sn: 175# x 1 x 3
C&J: 235# x 1 x 3
FS: 250#, 235#, 240# as rx'd, 90/80/85%'s
Ian Carver - CF Centurion 2008-11-19
Congrats on the new move! Having you guys up in the Bay area will be awesome! Hopefully, we'll get down there soon in '09!
saulj 2008-11-20
Looking forward to training more with you.

MSn: 40 KG (still can't do heavy overhead)
Clean: 3 x 80 KG
FS: 95, 85, 95, 90, 95 KG

WOD: 8:30 @ 24 KG Training for a run so sandwiched the WOD between two 800M runs. That sucked.

Eric Brandom 2008-11-20

Sn- 195
C&J - 255 - failed 1
FS- 260, 235, 260, 245, 260
ADR 2008-11-20
Snatch - 150# x 1 x 3
Clean & jerk - 195# x 1 x 3
Front squat - 215# x 1, 190# x 3, 215# x 1, 200# x 2, 215# x 1

No Metcon Today
CraigH 2008-11-20
Congrats Greg and Aimee! We amateur Oly lifters at DCF look foward to visiting you and participating in your workshops. Glad you're close by, but not too close...hehe.
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