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Saturday November 22 2008
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Casey & Jade handstand contest
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tommi k 2008-11-22
Sn. - 91kg
C&J - 118.5kg
Danny 2008-11-22
Luckily for Casey, they do hand stand competitions by weight class.
Jonathan 2008-11-22
Snatch: 135# x1x2
C&J: 185# x1x2
BS: 280# x1x2
Abs: 1 continuous circuit of: Ab Rollouts x15, Decline Russian Twists 25# x15, DB Side Bends 120# x8, Floor Wipers x20 and OH farmers walk with 95# x 60 seconds.
Seated Calf 195# x8x3
Explosive Rack Pulls with Shrug: Up to 500# x5 (wrist straps used). Gym owner gave me a Muscle Milk for that one!

Great workout today. It helps to lie around, eat and watch football prior to working out. Received some much needed rest today and it showed.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-23
Couldn't train on Saturday, done half of it on Sunday, had a rough weekend.

Sn - 80kg x 1
C&j - 100kg x 1, something bothered me in my left elbow, missed the jerk as I wasn't confident
BS - 130kg x 1

500m row : 1'24.6" PR
Jesse D Woody 2008-11-23
Sn. 185# x 1 x 3 (two misses early, solid thereafter)
C&J: 245 x 1 x 3

Ran out of time to squat.
Minh 2008-12-08
Sn: 190x1x2 (solid no misses)
C&J: 240x1x2 (Again Solid No Misses)
BS: 305x1x2 (light)
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