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Thursday November 27 2008
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Mike C 2008-11-26
Wow, Awesome video. C&J 300+ pounds. Maybe one day..........
saulj 2008-11-27
Greg, What adaptations or skills are you training for when you work down after a max effort? Is it to be fresh for the max effort but also increase volume? Feel free to point me to chapter(s) in your book if I missed something. Very helpful video with good music!
Greg Everett 2008-11-27
Saul - Just a way to get more reps in after feeling out how on you are that day - in other words, you may find that you hit a record, and then your subsequent 80-90% reps will be pretty heavy; on another day, you may not be on so much, and your heavy single will reflect that, meaning your subsequent 80-90% reps will be appropriately lighter.
Joe 2008-11-29
That was a great video. Awesome lifts and a cool song.

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