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Saturday November 29 2008
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Jesse Woody 2008-11-29
Wow, a particularly crappy day of lifting...figures that I'd be the first to post.

Sn: 190# x F, 190# x 1, 190# x F x 3
C&J: 260# x F x 3
BS: 296# x 2 x 2

Just wasn't feeling it...snatches were strong enough, just off a bit and lost behind. Clean and Jerks were a mess, didn't even catch a single one solidly in the receiving position, all of them lost to the front at the bottom. Oh well, glad tomorrow's a rest day!
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-11-29
Got nowhere near the prescribed weights as I'm still sick like a ******. Felt good to handle barbells at elast.
tommi k 2008-11-29
Sn. - 91kg x1, 93.5kg x1
C&J - 116kg x1, 118.5kg F ,jerks were full of crap again
BS - 157.5kg

3 sets:
15 weighted GHD SU, 15kg
Front planks 75,60,45secs
tommi k 2008-11-29
-sorry..did 8 reps/set of GHD SU
ADR 2008-11-29
This is day 2 moonlighting with the guys over at Guerilla Fitness in Montclair, NJ. I was feeling good and had lots of support, so I went for a few heavy singles.

Snatch - 163# x 1 x 2, 173# x 1 (3 # PR!)
Clean & jerk - 208# x 1 x 2, 223# x 1 (8# PR!)
Back squat - 258# x 2 x 2
Hanging Leg Raises - 3 x 15

Jonathan 2008-11-29
Snatch: 135# x1x2
C&J: 185# x1x2
BS: 265# x2x2
Rack Pulls: up to 550# x5 over 6 sets
Squat Lockouts (top 8-10 inches): up to 500# x5 over 5 sets
Seated calf: 200# x10x2
Abs: Decline situps with Medicine ball tosses x 20; DB side bends with 120# x10; Front planks x90 seconds.

After watching Bama destroy auburn today, I was motivated to pull some weight! Awesome workout. Also inspired by reading Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubic.
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