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Sunday November 30 2008
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Post-seminar Haters Party with Kimmy, Aimee and Nicki
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Joe 2008-11-29
3 hot chicks. keep the photos comin!
Xi Xia 2008-11-30
Hey Greg,

Do you lift multiple sessions in one day? Would you suggest that once an athlete gets to a certain level?
Greg Everett 2008-11-30
XX - Not currently, but I have at times. It can be a very effective way to train, but it requires a very flexible schedule and a limited-stress life. In other words, if you have a job, a family, school, etc., it will likely not work well for you. That said, it allows you to lift heavier more times in a given period (e.g. week) because you're able to recover a great deal between very brief but intense training sessions. This is basically one of the characteristics of what gets called Bulgarian training. Athletes will come in, work up to a heavy snatch, maybe a couple back-off sets, then rest for a while (likely lying down or actually napping). Come back in and maybe clean & jerk heavy. Rest. Eat. Come back in a maybe squat heavy. So they're not necessarily doing much if any more total work, but they are using higher average loading. Some will claim that this approach to training is impossible without pharmaceutical assistance, and in its most dramatic instance, it isn't (but neither is any other approach to training in its most extreme). It can be done by most people as long as the volume remains low. If you want to experiment with it, I would simply start by splitting your current workouts into two pieces and doing one in the  morning and the other in the afternoon and see how you feel.
Xi Xia 2008-11-30
Ah, I see. So multiple sessions does not mean doing a lifting WOD multiple times in a day, instead split the WOD and hit components of it with higher intensity throughout the day.

Greg Everett 2008-11-30
Basically, yes. For example, during this cycle, you might do your snatches in the morning, and come back in the afternoon to clean & jerk and squat. You MAY be able to squeeze in a bit more total work, but not dramatically more.
XX 2008-11-30
hmmm, I wanted to add sprinting short distances 3x week. I probably won't be hitting your metcon WODs as prescribed. Also working towards a full range natural GHD and adding that into the workouts. I'll keep a close eye on not frying out.
Robb Wolf 2008-11-30
Tequila Ahoy!!
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