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Monday December 1 2008
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Red 2008-12-01
What are Kb cross-chops please?
Kris 2008-12-01
New PM is here! Christmas came early!!!
Aimee 2008-12-01
Red- go here
tommi k 2008-12-01
Sn. - 78.5kg
C&J - 98.5kg
FS - 135kg
Pull-ups - 14,12
HLR - 3x10
Cross chops - 2x20x24kg
XX 2008-12-01
Back up on the Olift wods for the past two weeks. I'm Olifting and starting to sprint short distances x2 week for now, looking to move to 3x after a few weeks.

A week behind in this cycle so I'm doing last Mondays workout. Gonna split workouts throughout the day

3 sets x 4 reps x 15 M sprints (3 minute rest for reps/ 5 minute btw sets)
4 starts (1 minute rest each)

Snatch 100%, same story, won't get under once weight reaches 115 lbs. Powered 125, 135 was almost a muscle snatch, 145 failed 3 times. Last one I was looking up at the bar over my head, infront, as it dropped back down.

did 115 S Balance x 3 with a 5 second isometric press out at the bottom on each.

rest of the workout later
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-01
Sn - 67.5kg
C&j - 85kg
FS - 105kg
Pull-ups - +20kg vest x 10 (PR) / no vest x 18
HLR - 2 x 10
DB cross chops - 24kg x 20

Ran out of time.
Eric Brandom 2008-12-01

Sn - 185
C&J - 230
FS - 265
PU - 13, 16
HLR - +10#'s each leg
KB Cross Chops - 2pood

Row 500m - 1:24.6
ADR 2008-12-01
Snatch - 140# x 1 x 4
Clean & jerk - 180# x 1 x 4
Front squat - 225# x 1 x 2
Pull-ups - 25# vest: 8, 5

Jonathan 2008-12-01
Snatch: 116# x1x4
C&J: 156# x1x4
FS: 205# x1x2
Pullups: 10, 8
HLR: 3x10
Cross Chops: 35# x20, 45# x20
Bottom position close grip bench press: up to 205# x2
Calf Press: 585# x10x3
Dan Meyer 2008-12-01
Really excited to see you guys moving to Sunnyvale, so I'm starting up the WOD to get ready for January.


Sn - 95 (quite ugly - feet were way too far apart on landing)
C&J- 135
FS - 225
Pullups - 5x3 butterfly (just realized these should've been strict)
HLR- 3x10
ken c 2008-12-02
snatch 155
clean and jerk 195
front squat 275
pull ups 15 12
hlr 3x10
cross chops 1.5 pood
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