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Saturday December 6 2008
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  • Snatch - max
  • Clean & jerk - max
  • Front squat - max

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Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-05
Schedule problem, I had to do it on Friday.

Sn - 82.5kg, then failed 87.5kg 3 times. The first fail flew up and I just lost it behind me. Frustration made me muscle the 2 following attempts, too bad.

C&j - 110kg PR, failed the clean at 112.5kg and called it a day.

FS - 110kg, too spent to go for a PR.

Total : 192.5kg PR

I'm really glad I jumped on the PMenu wagon, started off the cycle 2 weeks late but I have been consistent for the rest of it. Thanks to the great workouts, I added 15kg to both my snatch and c&j 1RM.

Huge thank you Mr Greg Everett !
D. Ldo 2008-12-05
Sweet god tommorow should be fun after the 10 or so pacifico's I had for lunch.
Eric Brandom 2008-12-06

Sn - 223 (PR)
C&J - 275 (-5)
FS - 302 (PR)

Another fantastic cycle completed
tommi k 2008-12-06

Sn. - 98.5kg x1,PR(+2.5) 101kg/F x3
C&J - 126kg x1,PR(+2.5) 128.5kg/F x2,cleans were easy..jerk failed
FS - 155kg x1,PR(+5.0)
Jonathan 2008-12-06
Snatch: up to 155# x1 (new PR by 5 #); failed several attempts at 160#. Funny how 5 measly pounds can totally screw with my head.

C&J: stalled out at my previous best 195# (failed 200#, the jerk anyway).

FS: up to 230# x1 (PR by 5#).

And just for fun!:
Seated calf: 210# x10 x3
Half squat in rack: up to 500# x3
Rack pulls from knee: up to 405# x5
Neck work: 35# x15 all directions
BBL Curl: up to 135# x1 (not bad for only doing curls once every few weeks, and then only as a finishing move).

Overall, I'm really pleased with my progress over the last 16 weeks. I have lots of technical faults for sure, and I'm sure my Snatch and C&J are more power movements than pure moves, but it has been a blast. I went from 135# Snatch to 155# (20# increase) and 185# C&J to a 195( 10# increase) and I'm up 40# in my FS and 25# in my BS. My BW is still in the mid 190's, but my body composition has changed in favor of a leaner, harder body. Now, I'm still nowhere near where I want to be and I have so much room for improvement, but it's a start. I've said all this to say THANKS GREG! I love your programming and insight. I can't wait for Christmas so I can get your book (it's the only thing I want...really...I'm totally blessed with a great family, health, a job, a home, food...that's saying a lot these days. Greg, I'm truly grateful for your site and teaching. Thanks!

Now bring on the next 16 weeks.
Jay 2008-12-06

How'd your lifts go today? Thanks for the link to NA open.

Greg Everett 2008-12-06
Jay - Not great, but not too bad.

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