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Monday December 15 2008
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Eric Brandom 2008-12-14
Is it bad that I'm more excited for another cycle than I am for xmas?

I think not
Matt Edwards 2008-12-14
How much percentage does one typically increase their competition lifts during the 16 week cycle? I have tryouts for a state-wide tournament coming up this May and would like to follow a routine instead of making up stuff as I go.
matt Wichlinski 2008-12-14
last cycle my snatch went from 235 to 255. On the road to 300! I'm curious to find out what a good increase would be during a typical cycle once one develops technical proficiency. over the last year or so, my numbers shot up dramatically, due to starting with a terribly performed snatch, to doing a not bad snatch. now that form is ok, at best, what would be a good aim? 1%, 5, 10% ? I guess anything is possible, but what is common?
matt Wichlinski 2008-12-14
that was weird... almost the same question at the same time
Greg Everett 2008-12-14
Matt E - Varies quite a bit among individuals depending on things like prior experience and whether or not they're sneaking extra work in. If you're training for a specific meet, this will work well, but you'll always be better off getting individualized programming.Both Matts - Increases will definitely become less dramatic with more training experience. Really tough to predict improvements, but 2-5% in a 16 wk cycle should be a reasonable goal for those nearer the beginner end of the spectrum.
Matt Edwards 2008-12-14
Well this is the closest I can get to "individualized" programming. Between now and tryouts I only see the region coach once. And, if not following this, then my programming would be whatever percentages and exercises I feel like doing, which isn't really going to cut it for solid gains since I ALWAYS feel like going 90+% when I'm not following a program.
George 2008-12-15
Looking forward to starting the new cycle!
Johnny Davis 2008-12-15
Hey guys, I've been reading alot of your articles and like what I see. I have your oly video and have been working with the movements for a short amount of time (6 months or so). Is it ok to just jump in to a cycle or do you recommend starting somewhere else. There is so much info out there (other sites included) that I end up going a bunch of diff directions until something gives. I love crossfit but want to get stronger and better at o-lifts without giving up Metcon completely. I want to give it a couple of years and see if one day I can compete in the lifts. Right now I'm so new that I have no idea what my capabilities are.

I also feel torn for not exactly practicing what I preach.
Andrew 2008-12-15
Hey guys. Im new to this site but I am very interested. I am going to start the new 16 week cycle today. I have been doing crossfit for 1 year now and would like to try this site for the duration of the winter. I am just curious roughly how long break are to be between sets and exercises? Thanks for the help.
Greg Everett 2008-12-15
Johnny - Just jump in. Throw in 10-15 min of additional technique work based on the DVD, etc. before each workout if you feel it's necessary. No reason to wait a couple years to compete - the sooner the better. As far as not practicing what you preach, I assume you're preaching CrossFit... Choosing a sport and training for it has nothing to do with what you believe is best for developing fitness.
Greg Everett 2008-12-15
Andrew - Rest as you feel necessary - generally 2-4 minutes between heavy sets. You can rest less during lighter work and warm-up sets.
Jordan 2008-12-15
* Back squat - 100kg x 3 x 5
* Snatch deadlift - 80kg x 3 x 3
* Push press - 50kg x 5 x 5 This is a just guess for a %
* Pull-ups - (6, 8, 10 reps) x 2
* Weighted sit-ups - 3 x 10 with 20# med ball
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-15
Stoked to start a new cycle but my god damn knee held me back again.

BS - 115kg x 3 followed by a knee alarm.
Sn Dl - 100kg
Press - 60kg x 3 x 4
Pistols - holding 16kg db in one hand x 3 x 4 per leg
Pull-ups - as rx'd
W sit-ups - db on chest 16kg/20kg/26kg

I don't understand what's wrong with my right knee. I always get a sudden sharp pain in it when I do back squats, but on the other hand when I tried to do weighted pistols after it didn't hurt at all. I don't get it, I've virtually tried every stance and it doesn't do it...
Andrew 2008-12-15
Understood, Thanks for your answer Greg. I actually have one more question that is probably a dumb one. Quick example. Todays workout says "Back squat - 83% x 3 x 5".
Now would that be 3 sets of 5 reps or 3 reps and 5 sets?
Sorry about that confusion. Much appreciated though.
Greg Everett 2008-12-15
Andrew - 5 sets of 3 reps. Check out the "info" link at the top right of the WOD column and you'll find answers to most of the potential questions you might have.
Jesse Ward 2008-12-15
BSQ: 255lb x3x5(don't like kilo's I know, I'm not a communist)
SNDL: 185lb x3x3
PushP: 135/145/155/155/155
Pull-ups: 6, last 2 spotted, 8 with black band (2 spot) 10 with black band (4 spotted) 2 round was worse...
Sit-ups: On ab-mat with 10lb behind the head, 3x10 - tough!

Total time, ~50 minutes.
saulj 2008-12-15
Back squat - maxed out at 115KG then 95KG x 5 x 2 (brain fart. Andrew, thanks for forcing me to re-read the FAQ :-)).
Snatch deadlift - 70KG x 3 x 3
Push press - 65KG x 5 x 5

Ran out of time for pull-ups and sit-ups.

Johnny, I agree with Greg. Yes, I know that OPT does the main site WOD and progresses, but I think for the average CrossFit affiliate owner, there is no better way to stay in shape and continue their sport science education than doing the workouts on this site, and by extension, working with Greg and Aimee, and competing in a few local meets. I think you will be surprised at your fitness and how much you learn about movement and training in 16 weeks.
Greg Everett 2008-12-15
Saul is right on - but also keep in mind this - I don't know what OPT does day to day, but I can tell you that last year, I programmed for him for something like 10 wks - O-lifting only, no metCon at all. So even he will at least occasionally make forays into different types of training than simply the cf.com WOD.
Jonathan 2008-12-15
Snatch DL: 225# x3x3
Push Press: 155# x5x5
Weighted Situps: 25# x10x3 (weight on chest, bent knee, no anchor)
Pullups: (6,8,10) x2
Back Squat: 250# x3x2, dropped to 225#. I know better than to do these last, but the bozo's doing lunges were in the racks. BIG MISTAKE on not waiting them out.
Eric Brandom 2008-12-15
Squat - 315
SnDL - 250
PP - 195
Pullups as RX
Situps +25# behind head
Nick B 2008-12-15
Weighted Sit-ups:30#,40#,50#
Jason Y. 2008-12-15
BS- 181 x3x5
SD- 145 x3x5
PP- 130 x3x4 (doing lots of handstand practice so I reduced the volume a little)
Pull ups as RX'd
Sit ups- 10#
Matt Wichlinski 2008-12-15
bs 405x3x5
sdl 305x3x3
pp 225x5x5
pu x20

Tom A 2008-12-15
Just started CA, excited to get going.

BS 285x3x5
SnDL 150x3x3
PP 165x5x5
PUs: as rxd, kipped the second set
Situps 45x10x3

All weights in pounds.
Leo 2008-12-15
BS- 109.8kgx3x5
SDL- 77.8kgx3x3 (elevated on 2" platform)
PP- 65.2kgx5x5
PU- 20# vest
WSU- 16kg KB

Stephan 2008-12-15
I have been following your beginner program in the book, but decided to give the cycle a shot unless you recommend otherwise.

BS (HB of course) 152kilo x3x5
SNDL 125 kilo x3x3
PP 88.6 kilo 5x5
Pull-ups rx'd
Sit-ups (40lb DB)
Greg Everett 2008-12-15
Stephan - Give the WOD a shot.
KTB 2008-12-15

Just got my copy of your book. Looking forward to reading/learning the proper way to do the lifts. Love the Journal and I know this book wont disappoint. On a side note...really excited to see the beginning of a new cycle...had some impressive gains courtesy of the last one.

All the Best,

D. H. White 2008-12-15
BS 3-3-3-3-3 @ 210 poor Oly form, 205 better form, 205, 206, 207
Snatch DL 3-3-3-3 @ 155
Push Press 5x5 @ 120 racked, 125 racked, 125 btn, 130 btn, 130 btn
Pull-ups 6-8-10 Ladder x 2: Had to kip some on the 10 rep sets.
Weight Sit Ups: 10-10-10 @ 25lbs, 30lbs and 35lbs with the weight held on the chest

I've been reading the book and studying the DVD. I'm jumping into this cycle from the beginner routine described in the book.
ADR 2008-12-16
Starting my second PMenu cycle. The first 16 weeks resulted in a 50# increase in my snatch (125# to 175#) and and 48# increase in my clean and jerk (175# to 223#). I'm excited to see what progress I can continue to make.

Back squat - 245# x 3 x 5
Snatch deadlift - 205# x 3 x 3

Push press - 65# DBs x 5 x 5
I subbed DB for BB push presses because my shoulders are in desperate need of stabilizer work. Is there anything else I should include in my training that could help (ie handstands, TGU)?

Pull-ups - (6, 8, 10 reps) x 2 - BW
Weighted sit-ups - 3 x 10 - 45#
Minh/M/25/5'9/170/WY 6300ft 2008-12-16
Back Sq: 275x3x5 (no belt, ATG)
SnDL: 230x3x3
Push Press: 175x5x3, 180x5x2 (Confidence issues)
Pull-ups (dead hang, as Rx'd)
Situps- overhead w/45#
Jesse Woody 2008-12-16
BS: 285 x 3 x 5
SnDl: 223, 233, 243 x 3
PP: 185 x 5 x 5

Crapped out on pull-ups and sit-ups, will finish tomorrow after the regular wod.
Gleason 2008-12-17
Happy to be able to follow your programming Greg...life always seems to get in the way. I want to keep with it for the next 16 weeks so I don't look like a total putz when you get up here for the seminar. Thanks
Josh 2008-12-22
Just started this cycle. I stay a week behind due to the fact I'm a morning lifter and need to wait for the workout. Just wanted to stay thanks I really enjoyed it.
BS 250x5x5
SNDL 225x3x3
PP 180x5x5
Pull-Ups I suck at due to my fatness
Weighted Sit ups 40 lb db on floor
Greg Everett 2008-12-22
Josh - You know that you can get the next day's workout by clicking the "tomorrow" link at the top of the WOD, right?
Josh 2008-12-22
I did not know that, thanks Greg.
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