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Tuesday December 16 2008
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Shaun 2008-12-15
Are the KB cleans and push presses done with a KB in each hand or one and then switched?
Greg Everett 2008-12-15
Shaun - 1 arm at a time - split the total reps between the two arms.
saulj 2008-12-16
Mid-hang muscle snatch - 45KG x 3 x 3
2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) + 2 jerk - 50KG x 4 sets

10-16-20 reps for time: 15:30 50lb DB
DB swings - 30% BW
DB clean + 2 push press (each side) - 30% BW some of these turned into power cleans, this really sucked :-)
wes 2008-12-16
The kb cleans are full squat or not? The description didn't say anything, and I wasn't able to pull up the video.
Jesse Woody 2008-12-16
Mid-Hang M-Sn.: 95# x 3 x 3
2 Pos. Cln. + 2 jerks: 165# x 4 sets

Met-Con: 11:27 of suck with a 60# DB
tom a 2008-12-16
It's my understanding that ideally one would split the strength and the metcon up by at least 4 hours, but I'm just wondering how most actually end up doing it. I'm forced, due to schedule, to do them together today, and want to know if people find this to be a reasonable alternative or if it just ends up being a deathtrap of fatigue.

Greg Everett 2008-12-16
Wes - Do a swing clean - don't need to squat under it. Really just more of a swing to the shoulder in prep for the push presses.
Greg Everett 2008-12-16
Tom - Most people do them back to back. Just do the metCons after the strength/oly work.
Jesse Ward 2008-12-16
Yeah basically I got pwned by the met-con today.

Muscle Snatch at 100lbs.
Cleans and Jerks 135 - piece of cake.

Yet another reminder that I weigh too much and am still too weak.
32kg KB for the work.
I HAD to switch to lighter for the set of 20, I ran out of time before I had to teach the 11:00 class at the gym.

25:34 finishing with the weeny 16kg bell.
My upper back is already FUBAR.

Clan Cheiftan Out.
Minh Tran/M/25/5'9/170/WY 6300ft 2008-12-16
MuSn: 95x3x3

2 position Clean +2 Jerks: 155x4

Metcon: 8:28 w/24kg KB(didn't try switching arms until the last set, doing all the reps of Cleans and push presses with one arm then the next sucks...)First time doing single arm KB cleans. I like em. through you around a bit and require alot of core stability.
Minh Tran/M/25/5'9/170/WY 6300ft 2008-12-16
Oh yeah, did KB clean with full squat every rep.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-16

metcon as rx'd with 26kg dumbbell : 9'55", wtf was this one about ?! Shoulders are spent.
tom a 2008-12-16
Sort of botched writing this one down and it's only my second day.

Muscle Snatch 65#x3x3 (should be more like 80)
2-pos Clean + 2 Jerk 125#x3

MetCon: 10:04@24kg
ADR 2008-12-16
Mid-hang muscle snatch - 95# x 3 x 3
2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) + 2 jerk - 135# x 4 sets

10-16-20 reps for time:
KB swings - 50#
KB clean + 2 push press (each side) - 50#

Rossi 2008-12-16
2nd wod after 2 month break. First time doing catalyst wod...starting out light and felt pretty good..so far.

Mid hang muscle snatch - 75# x3x3
2-position clean+2 Jerks - 135# x 4

MetCon 9:55
Eric Brandom 2008-12-16
MHMS - 105
2posCl+2Jerk - 170

Metcon with 2pood KB = 7:42. The options were to go too light or too heavy, I opted for heavy
Jonathan 2008-12-16
Mid-hang muscle snatch: 95# x 3 x 3
2-position squat clean (floor, mid-thigh) + 2 jerk: 135# x 4 sets

Metcon: 10-16-20 reps for time: 11:11
DB swings: 60#
DB clean + 2 push press (each side): 60#

The DB swings were fine, but my DB cleans turned into ugly power cleans on about the 2nd rep of each set.
Matt Dyson 2008-12-16
Damn!!! Should have read the comments before I did the KB workout. I did all the reps on each arm. I thought 26:42 was pretty slow.
Great to be back on the program though.
ec 2008-12-16
also stoked to be back on board - well, except for %BW metcons. why are my bones made of lead?

will report back with new pr's
Nick B 2008-12-16
2PCl+2J: 140
Metcon:8:14 (24kg)
Stephan 2008-12-17
Mid-hang muscle snatch - 57KG(125lb) x 3 x 3
2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) + 2 jerk - 64KG(140lb) x 4 sets
Gleason 2008-12-17
MHMS: 80#
2 POSI CL + 2 JERKS 100#

No time on Met-con
Gleason 2008-12-17
used 1.5 pood KB for met-con btw
jordan 2008-12-17
* Mid-hang muscle snatch - 25kg (60%) x 3 x 3
* 2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) + 2 jerk - 50 kg (60%) x 4 sets

10-16-20 reps for time:
KB swings - 24kg (30%) BW
KB clean + 2 push press (each side) - 24kg (30%) BW
Had to do this the next day, was feeling pukey from too much bad food. Holidays;)
Can't wait to do today's.
Jason Y. 2008-12-18
MHMS: 80# x3x3
Cleans: 100#
Metcon: 1.5pood 7:30
Josh 2008-12-23
MhMSN 125x3x3
2-Position Clean+2 Jerks 135x4sets
10-16-20 reps for time
used DB have no KB
DB Swings 85 lb
Clean + 2 PP 10 x 85, 16 x 65, 20 x 65
total time 12:50

Thanks for the up chucking Greg, Haven't done that in a while.
lamarr 2008-12-23
24kg did 10, 16, 20 reps each arm - 19:40
that sucked but i am glad i did more instead of less

95# mid hang muscle snatch
100# 2-pos clean + 2 jerks
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