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Friday December 19 2008
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Johnny Davis 2008-12-18
I'm assuming this means work to a heavy single first, then 80% x2x2. Is this correct? I don't know my 1rm on alot of the lifts so I'm guesstimating. Max snatch is 160lbs but it was due to technique. I could pull more. Any idea where power snatch might be?

nick b 2008-12-18
Greg - I know that rest is important, but what do you think about switching thursday with friday simply for scheduling?
Greg Everett 2008-12-18
Johnny - 80% of that heavy single to be precise. Depending on what part of the snatch is your problem, you may power snatch just as much (if not more) than you snatch. Just test your max today instead of doing the 75%.
Greg Everett 2008-12-18
Nick - That's fine.
Eric Brandom 2008-12-18
Might not be able to make it to the gym tomorrow

PS - 170
SnBal - Crapped the bed on this one - 235/ 225x2x2

Metcon: 5:48
Simon M 2008-12-18
I noticed that after doing a heavy deadlift workout (90% 1 rm, 25 reps ) on mon that the left side of my back was disproportionately sore. I mentioned this to my friend and he pointed out that during my deadlift I was lopsided. The right side rising faster than the left. I am also feeling some pain in my ciatic nerve. Should I be doing some exercises to address this or do you think it will self correct by paying more attention to my form?
Nick B 2008-12-19
PS - 130
SnBal - 135; 105
Metcon - 5:30
Minh Tran 2008-12-19
First early morning workout in a while...

PS: 133
SnBal: (first time) 185/155x2x2, found out if I push up to hard before dropping under it I lost my balance because as reached my full squat and the bar was still going up beyond my full extension.

Metcon: (row machine about 20 ft from pullup bar so I had to run back and forth, also tried to work on butterfly kips which didn't go to well... kept getting out of rhythm)

As Rx'd: 6:25
Matt Foreman 2008-12-19
Nice pull position in that picture.
Greg Everett 2008-12-19
Simon - Were you lopsided before beginning your DL marathon? Or as a result of it? My first suggestion would be to stop DLing for 25 reps. Spend plenty of time stretching and foam rolling, and have someone take a photo of you in the DL position so you can get get an idea of where that imbalance is originating from. If the pain continues even when you're not doing crazy things like deadlifting 25 times, definitely go find a chiro or PT who's familiar with athletics.
Jesse Ward 2008-12-19
I think it's pretty cool that you answer questions on this site - I saw your earlier response, but do we do a heavy single on snatch balance and then 80% of that, or work up to a max power snatch and then go 80% of that?

Jesse and Crew
Greg Everett 2008-12-19
Jesse - Heavy single for snatch balance, and then 80% of that heavy single for the 2 sets of 2. Power snatch is totally separate.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-19
Not much power today, after reading what Greg E said on tomorrow's post, I guess it's normal.

PS - 62.5kg
Sn b - 92.5kg, 75kg

500m row - 1'24.3"
ADR 2008-12-19
Power snatch - 135# x 2 x 3
Snatch balance - heavy single 165#, 135# x 2 x 2

5 rounds for time:
8 kipping pull-ups
20 KB SDHP 20kg
Jordan 2008-12-19
PS 45 kg x2 x3
SB 75 kg, 60 kg x2 x3
Metcon: 7:20
Stephan - CF Broward 2008-12-19
Power Snatch 75kg x2x3
SNB Heavy single 102kg, 84kg x2x2

WOD - 8:00 Tried the grips Omar (Bionic) uses to prevent rips on the kipping pull-ups. Definitely helps the hands but makes the pull-ups more difficult.
Jonathan 2008-12-19
Power Snatch: 125 x2x3
Snatch Balance: 115; 95 x2x2
5 Rounds for time: 8 KPU and 200m sprint: 5:55. I really enjoyed this one, and actually seemed to get faster as the sets progressed.
Jason Y. 2008-12-20
PS: 100 x2x3
SB: Worked up to 125.
Metcon: Somewhere around 7 min.
leo 2008-12-20
PS 54 2x3
SB hs-77.6 80% 63 x2x2

Met Con
Lamarr 2008-12-27
coming back from an ankle sprain earlier in the week. took it easy.

PS- 115#
Snatch balance 105#, 85# x 2 x 2

Met con
16 body rows (no pullups in garage)
200m row

followed by
3 x 15 weigthed ghd situps 10#
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