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Saturday December 20 2008
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Jason Y. 2008-12-20

I see a lot of Snatch Balences in the CA WOD, but I hardly ever see any Overhead Squats. Whats the reason for this?
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-20
Stayed conservative for my knee today and it held up perfectly, next weeks will be great !

Sn - 77.5kg
C&j - 102.5kg
BS - couple of light sets, didn't want to risk irritation on the knee

Crossfit Games dl/burpee wod : 3'20" PR
Greg Everett 2008-12-20
Jason -

I usually alternate between snatch balances and overhead squats in the burgener style. But I find snatch balances more valuable for a number of reasons, such as the speed, timing and aggression needed for the sn bal that's absent in the OHS.
ec 2008-12-20
pleasantly surpised to hit a sn pr - 135# (5# pr) since im still not 100% from a pulled piriformis

stayed conservative with the rest
c&j - 155# (~90%)
bs - 170# (85%)
Rossi 2008-12-20
SN - 165lbs
C&J - 235lbs
BS - 355lbs
Minh Tran/M/25/5'9/170/WY 2008-12-20
Sn:195 (miss two early on because of lack of respect for weight)
C&J:243 (no misses, pretty easy)
BS:315 (no belt, deep as possible) would have gone up but I was volated by the guy spotting me. He was way to close...

Ab Wheel:
1.)1x15 (standing start)
2.)1x11 (standing) +4 on knees
3.)1x7 (standing, abs are shaking) +8 on knees.
pd 2008-12-20

What does "Tran" mean in your signature?????
Minh Tran 2008-12-20
Tran is my last name :)
Stephan - CF Broward 2008-12-20
Snatch - 98kg (215lb)
C&J - 102kg (225lb), felt like blacking out after recovering from the clean. Shoulders are not feeling 100%
BS - 184kg (405lb), felt sloppy. Not happy with it, but it is the heaviest I have gone in a while

No ab wheel, therefore, sub'd GHD sit-ups 3x15
Jonathan 2008-12-20
Went short of PRs today. Trying to work on bettering my technique on the 2 lifts.
Snatch: up to 145#
C&J: up to 185#
Back Squat: up to 300#
Ab Wheel: 3x15
Seated Calf: up to 200# x10x3
Rack Pulls (explosive with shrug): up to 405# x5
DB Row: 145# x5x3
saulj 2008-12-20
All weights in KG
Snatch - 67 (just barely missed 70 twice, not catching correctly, need more Sn Bal)
Clean & jerk - 85
Back squat - 120 new PR, but could go a little deeper
Ring "Rollouts" or Jackknife Pushups from feet - 3 x 10
tom a 2008-12-20
Didn't make the gym today due to a massive snow storm. Greg, do you suggest doing today's workout tomorrow or just getting back into the swing of things on Monday?
Jordan 2008-12-20
Snatch: 65kg
C & J: 80kg
BS: 125kg

Rollouts: 3x15
subbed Rollouts with a olympic bar.
Jason Y. 2008-12-21
SN: 125
C&J: 165
BS: 225(pr)
Forgot about the ab wheel
Veronica Davis 2008-12-21

Snatch: 55 lbs (not a PR at all)
C&J: 95 lbs
Back Squat: stopped at 175, b/c head wasn't in the workout. 175 felt strong

Ab Wheel: 2 x 15

Greg... this strength cycle is hardcore.
ADR 2008-12-21

Snatch - 165#
Clean and Jerk - 205#
Back Squat - 275#

Ab Wheel 3x15
Greg Everett 2008-12-22
Tom - Sorry I didn't get to you on time - in the middle of a move and was sans computer.
Ted Byerly 2008-12-22
Greg.....for future reference, what is the answer to Toms Question. When we do miss, is it better to make it up, miss it completly or do the Heavy workout and miss another day?

Thanks in Advance
Greg Everett 2008-12-22
Ted - Kind of depends on a few things. In his case, I would say skip it and jump back in on Monday. Were it the last week of this 4wk mesocycle, I would have told him to do Saturday's workout on Sunday.
Ted B 2008-12-24
Thanks Greg
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