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Tuesday December 23 2008
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tom a 2008-12-23
Good sub for sandbags? I'll try to rig something up, but just in case, I'd appreciate some ideas.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2008-12-23
* Mid-hang muscle snatch - 42.5kg x 3 x 3
* 2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 50kg x 4 sets
* BS - 120kg x 2 x 3
*SP - 65kg x 2 x 2

4 rounds for time of:
250 m row
7 sand bag power clean + push press - 35% BW

==> subbed the sandbag with 16kg db's : 5'47"
Minh Tran 56C 2008-12-23
MuSn: 100x3x3
2 position Sn: 125x4
Flat BB bench: (3 grip speed benchx3x9) singles up to 285
Ab twist on decline bench with 20lbs + 10 Kipping PUx3
Row 2 Miles... 15:14
Stephan - CF Broward 2008-12-23
Mid-Hang Muscle SN: 61kilo / 135lb x 3 x 3
2 POS SN (floor + mid-hang): 61kilo / 135lb x 4

Will complete WOD later this evening
Greg Everett 2008-12-23
Tom - If you have a heavy enough medicine ball, that's best. Otherwise, DBs will work.
Matt Edwards 2008-12-23
Are the mid-hang muscle snatch percentages based on 1RM muscle snatch or full snatch?
tom a 2008-12-23
MHMSn 85x3x3
2pSn 80x4

MetCon 6:55 (subbed 32kg KB for sandbag, about 40% BW)
Eric Brandom 2008-12-23
MHMS - 105
2posSn - 140

Metcon: 75# punching bag
Greg Everett 2008-12-23
Matt - muscle snatch - always of the associated lift unless otherwise noted.
Gleason 2008-12-23
MHMSn 85x3x3
2 posi snatch 80x4

Metcon: 6:40 - note on metcon, being a crossfitter for 2 years and now doing CAWODs, I'd much rather just lift things now... my old days of BB lifting coming back I guess.
Jesse Woody 2008-12-23
MHMS: 95 x 3 x 3
2 pos. Sn.: 125 x 4 sets

Metcon: 75# sandbag 8:05
Jordan 2008-12-23
MHMS: 25kg x 3 x 3
2 pos. Sn.: 50kg x 4 sets

Metcon: subbed 2 12kg KB's.
Tried rigging my own sandbag. Med balls in a duffel bag. Failed miserably.
Greg, if you keep programming in sandbags, I may have to buy one of your site....
Leo 2008-12-23
MHMS- 47.2kg x3x3
2 pos. snatch (F,MT)42.6kg x4

Met.Con. 6'26
Nick B 2008-12-23
Mid-hang Muscle Snatch: 110 lbs
2-position Snatch: 105 lbs
Metcon: 5:36 (30 lb dumbell in each hand on cleans+presses)
Jonathan 2008-12-23
Played in a 2.5 hour football game on Sunday with a bunch of teenagers and youngsters. At 35, I really should know better. Anyway, I was way too sore to workout Monday, thus I combined Monday and Tuesdays workout tonight. My legs still haven't returned completely, but they are getting better.

BS: 225x3x5
Clean DL: 275x3x3
Push Press: 160x3x3
Bentover BBL row: 215 max; 165 x8x3
GHD Situps: 46# x6x3 (yes, we have a 46# plate...weird)
Midhang MS: 100 x3x3
2 Position Snatch (floor and midthigh): 100x4
3 rounds for time: 250m sprints with 60# heavy bag twirls x7 (bear hug a punching bag and turn it end over end, alternating directions): 5:11
spencer 2009-01-27
M. Snatch - 115 #
2 position snatch - 125#
4 rounds @ 7:50
berlin 2009-03-01
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