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Saturday December 27 2008
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Veronica D. 2008-12-27
Snatch: 75 lbs (PR by 15 lbs)
C&J: 105 lbs (PR by 10 lbs)
Front SquatL: 145 lbs (not a PR)

GHD Sit-ups: 3x10
ec 2008-12-27
still hammering away at the wods even though im not posting daily. jen let me crash potomac cf today:

sn - 130# (~95%)
c&j - 150# (squat clean - 90%), 160# (pwr cln - 95%)
bs - 190# (95%)

stoked about bs - most weight ive squatted since piriformis pull. felt good, but didnt want to get greedy.
ec 2008-12-27
guess i should add - fs felt like hell... so bs it was.
saulj 2008-12-27
All weights in KG
Snatch - 70 (finally, shoulders and hips not moving at the same time off the ground. Fixed, I think)
Clean & jerk - 90 (PR)
Front squat - 105
Ab work of choice - A pitiful blend of windshield wipers and ice cream makers, I was toast...

Happy about PRs (and matching PRs), but struggled through the entire workout.
donna d 2008-12-27
sn - 55# (60# power snatch, ooops)
c&j 85# PR
fs 115# felt terrible! it was the only one i did.

we didn't have a rest day this week so i am smoked. yesterday we did some snatch practice with guest coach jonny, from crossfit ATM. he was also visiting cape cod for the holidays. thanks to mark lee from crossfit cape cod for letting us crash. it was worth giving up a rest day for a xmas wod!
Minh/M/25/5'9/170/WY 2008-12-27
Sn: 209x1... 214xfx3

Hard headed me wanted a PR today so I went after what wasn't there. I had it in position twice but couldn't keep me balance standing with it. Lost it backwards once, forward once, and bad squat postition miss the final time...

C&J: 253x1... 263xfx1

Once again I wanted a PR. I cleaned it but was out of steam on the Jerk.

No front squats, needed food and rest.
Minh/M/25/5'9/170/WY 2008-12-27
The guy in the picture looks like me... I even have the same shoes.
Jonathan 2008-12-27
Snatch: up to 135# and went to crap. Not there today.
C&J: 200# (PR by 5#); failed 210#
FS: 225#, but lost 235# forward. At least I got a great eccentric out of it.
Decline Russian Twists: 35# x20x2
Front Planks: 60 sec x2
Seated Calf Raise: 125# x8x2; 175# x8; 200# x9
Stifflegged DL: 225# x5; 315# x1; 225# x8
BBL Curl: 95# x5; 105# x5; 135# x2
Jordan 2008-12-27
Snatch: 67.5kg
GHD situps: 3 x 10
KB Chops: 2 x 10
100 Abmat situps
Stephan 2008-12-28
Off day today...nothing seemed to go well other than the FS.

Snatch: 205x1, 215x1 but missed. Backed off to 205 and 195 but missed both. Stopped and moved on to C&J.

C&J: 225x1 then tried 245x1. I was able to clean it, but it felt sloppy. Missed the jerk.

FS: 335x1

GHD Sit-ups: 3x15

Ed H 2008-12-28
Couldnt get to gym today and have limited weights at home. Did cf wod at home.

max rounds in 20 miutes
95 lb thrusters x5 reps
95 lb cleans x7 reps
95 lb deadlift hi pulls x10 reps

7.5 rounds complete
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