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Sunday January 4 2009
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Boneyard 2009-01-04
Today was my first wo from this site... i like!
weight wasn't as high as i wanted, but it'll do

Snatch 85#
Clean (only) 185#
Squat 295#
Kris 2009-01-04
That Nicu Vlad article was a good read!
Zionna F\'29\'140lbs 2009-01-04
@ Donna d and Veronica

....I am following cathletics as well, but I am a week behind on the 16 week cycle. Both of your post keep me motivated i will start posting my workouts, but just know I am a week behind so today I will actually be doing last Monday's workout (Dec. 29th). I think the 3 of us are pretty close in our lifting ability. Keep it up!!!!

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