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Monday January 5 2009
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  • Back squat - 90% x 2 x 2
  • Snatch pull - 107% (of snatch) x 1 x 2
  • Press - 80% x 4 x 4
  • Weighted GHD sit-ups - 3 x 10
  • Russian twists - 3 x 20
Strength Cycle 1 - Week 4

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Jesse Woody 2009-01-04
Haha, I so want that shirt!
George 2009-01-04
Excellent shirt.
Butch White 2009-01-04
Greg - what is the average time for completing the CA WOD's? With a 10 minute warm-up I've been shooting for about 60 - 75 minutes. Is this consistent with your athletes or do you push them get it done more quickly?
Greg Everett 2009-01-04
Butch - I definitely don't rush anyone. There are going to be times when workouts may take as much as 2 hours - you can compress them more, but I prefer allowing people to rest a bit more between exercises if they want, and with strength/oly work, I generally want longer rest periods between sets.
Butch White 2009-01-04
Thanks Greg... now I won't feel like such a wuss if I spend more than 60 minutes on a CA WOD. ;-)
Boneyard 2009-01-05
I'm new to this site, what does strenght cycle 1 week 4 mean?
Boneyard 2009-01-05
Click on "info" across from where it says "workout of the day". It will answer your question.
Veronica D. 2009-01-05
Subbed FS for BS: 135#
Snatch Pull: 85#
Press: 65#
Weighted Incline sit-ups: 12 lbs (GHD was being used)
Russian Twist: 12 lbs

*I'll be skipping the Bulgarian cycle to work on my form on the core lifts (BS, DL) and technique for Oly lifts. My biggest issue is glute recruitment.
Gleason 2009-01-05
Finally was able to do Saturday testing and man was I happy!
Hit a PR on every lift. I'm very happy to follow this programming and can't wait to see the results at the end of the 16 weeks. Thanks Greg!
Steve Owens 2009-01-05
BS- 240#
Sn pull- 155#
Press- 120#
Weighted sit-ups- 45#
Russian twist- 12#

Zionna F 29 140lbs 2009-01-05
I accidentally posted this on yesterday blog it was meant for today....my bad

@ Donna d and Veronica

....I am following cathletics as well, but I am a week behind on the 16 week cycle. Both of your post keep me motivated i will start posting my workouts, but just know I am a week behind so today I will actually be doing last Monday's workout (Dec. 29th). I think the 3 of us are pretty close in our lifting ability. Keep it up!!!!
Minh/25/M/5'9/170/WY 2009-01-05
BS:315x2x2 (low bar)
Sn Pull: 230x1x2
Press: 150x4x4
Russian Twist: 10x30x3
Stephan - CF Broward 2009-01-05
BS - High Bar: 365x2x2
Sn Pull: 275x1x2
Press: 185x4x2, had to back down to 175x4x2
GHD Sit-ups w/20lb DB: 3x10
Russian Twist

Greg - I may be unable to train from Thursday to Sunday due to work/travel. Should I make up the missed days on this cycle or just jump in to the new cycle on Monday?
Mike Cundiff 2009-01-05
BS - 305
Sn Pull - 215
Press - 145
Weighted situps with 45#
Russian twists
Eric Brandom 2009-01-05
BS - 330
SnPu - 240
Press - 155
GHDSU's - 45#
RT - 20#

1 rd of fight gone bad - heavy
30# wallball
SDHP - 135#
36" box jump
PP - 135#
Row - Cal
Score =108
Jordan 2009-01-05
BS- 117.5kg
Sn pull- 75kg
Press- 55kg
Weighted GHD sit-ups- 20# Med Ball
Russian twist- 16kg
Aimee 2009-01-05
You can buy that shirt here: http://www.cafepress.com/cathletics/4073378
Greg Everett 2009-01-05
Stephan - Do Saturday's workout on Monday, then jump in Tuesday with the regular deal.
donna d 2009-01-05
BS 155#
SnPull 115#
press 60# (shoulders are so smoked right now)

ghd sit ups (no added weight)3x10
knees to elbows 3x10

@Zionna: no worries, it motivates us all.
Jonathan 2009-01-05
BS: 185#x5x5...achey knees....working on greasing them up a bit.
Sn Pull: 210# x1x2
Strict Press (NO cheating): 135# x2,3,3 and 2
Weighted GHDSU: 45# x10x3
Russian Twists: 25# x20x2
Decline Situps (steepest setting): 30# x10x1
Decline Situps on side: BW x20x1
Rotator Cuffs: 7 movements x10# x15reps
tom a 2009-01-05
BS 305#
SnPull 155#
Press 125#
Weighted GHD 12kg KB, alternating hands
Russian Twists 12# ball on GHD, floor, decline bench
Zionna F 29 140lbs 2009-01-06
BS 130#
SnPull 105#
Press 85# tried 90#, but that only lasted for 1 set :)
ABs- Floor wippers with 85# 3x15

@donna d nice BS weight....for some reason I am having problem with my gluts not doing any work!!! I am going to have to have a sit down with them!!!:)

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