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Saturday January 10 2009
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Mike Gray 2009-01-09
Thats a whole lot of ugly right there.
Minh Tran/M/25/5'9/170/WY 2009-01-09
I knew there was a reason for the extra day...
I should have cut down on pullups.
aimee 2009-01-09
Geez mike... put some freakin weight on the bar.
Bo 2009-01-09
Greg -

What's your opinion on ketosis as a weightlifter? As a low-carb diet is recommended (I currently eat 100g carbs/day), entering ketosis is a possibility, right? Should this be avoided?

Greg Everett 2009-01-09
Bo - I'm not particularly concerned about ketosis for weightlifters or anyone else, but I don't think it's necessarily beneficial either (at least in terms of a long-term consistent state--you may bump out a few ketones here and there when not intending to). At 100g cho/day, you're really not that low - at 2000 kcal/day, that's 20%. If you're eating 4k kcals/day, it's considerably less, but I'm assuming you're not at that carb level. So. Don't worry about it. Eat real food, and enough to support your desired weight/activity level, Rarely does it need to be much more complicated than that.
George 2009-01-10
Ugh, those max attempts are going to be my ab work of choice. Those leg lifts the other day killed my lower abs.
Chris Bullard 2009-01-10

Snatch: 95/125/145/160/Start-180/190(PR)/195-2 attempts
C&J: 140/190/Start-220(93%)/230 missed jerk x 4
Clean: 240(101%) missed x 3
Front Squat: 255(94%)/missed 265

Greg- I'm a new to your site. I've been following the WOD's for about a week. I've been Crossfitting about 3 years but I'm trying to focus on my Oly lifting for a bit. Love it so far. Any recommendations? Thanks.
Eric Brandom 2009-01-10

Sn - 225 - failed 230, bar drifting too far away from me and landed behind me
C&J - 292 (PR)
FS - 315 (PR) - 3plates = awesome
Abs- are you kidding?
Minh Tran/M/25/5'9/170/WY 2009-01-10
Horrid day of lifting... Missed all lifts >95%.

Day included a meeting between the back of my head and 214lbs (snatch) and 260lbs with my jaw (jerk).

I guess that is what I get for PR'ing for the last couple of weeks and doing all those pullups on thursday.

Steve Liberati 2009-01-10

Sn: 160
C&J: 210
FS: 310
Abs: Barbell Rollouts
Zionna F 29 140lbs 2009-01-10
Week behind on cycle:
Sat 1/3/2009

Snatch: 65#
C&J: 105#
BS: 150#

Glut Ham Raise 3x15
50 abmat sit ups
bill 2009-01-10
Greg, thanks for the great site and WOD. I just started your WOD and would appreciate any feedback on my snatch form. This was 152#. 10# off my PB.
bill 2009-01-10
sorry, forgot link

Jonathan 2009-01-10
I'm with Minh, horrible performance today. When I'm off, I am way off. Also forgot my shoes (old version of Free's) and trained in my dress shoes. This was actually really comfortable on light weights.... but anyway.

Snatch 155# off PB by 5#
C&J 185# off PB by 20#
FS 225# off PB by 10#

So I hit the rack.

Quarter squats from bottom position: up to 405# x5
BP Lockouts: up to 300# x5
Rack Pulls: up to 495# x4
Seated Calf: 125 x8x3
Calf Press: 545# x8x3
ABS: L sits using rings
Did 3 sets of ring dips, 3 sets of ring pushups, 3 sets of inverted rows, 2 sets of ring flys and 1 set of 1 arm barbell curls to finish off the day. It ended up being a great w/o. I wish I had been in the grove for my tests.
Jordan 2009-01-10
sn: 67.5kg
GHD Sit-up: 3x15

Wanted to hit higher numbers today.....Next week it is.....
Jay Huhn 2009-01-10
PR's on all 3 at MIKE'S GYM

sn 90 kg
CJ 110 kg
FS 165 kg

Good Beer night!
Greg Everett 2009-01-12
Chris - Read everything you can here and ask a lot of questions.
Greg Everett 2009-01-12
Bill - 1. Relax your arms. Don't extend them intentionally - just don't bend them. They'll stay straight because there's a big weight hanging from them.2. You're too far behind the bar in your start position, i.e. your shoulders are behind it. Get those arms vertical when viewed from the side. You'll probably need to move the bar a bit farther forward as well (base of the toes - you're trying to get it over the mid-foot). This is forcing you to shift that back angle during your first pull and actually shifting you forward rather than keeping you balanced. So - correct that start position and then the moment the bar separates, make sure you're shifting your weight back on your feet.3. #2 is also causing you to scoop early (you have to in order to chase the bar). Stay back and think about staying over the bar until it gets to mid-thigh.4. Turnover could be a bit quicker/more aggressive - but much of that again is due to your forward balance.All in all looking pretty good. Keep working that flexibility so you can get your back arch set in the start, and keeping working on speed.
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