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Sunday January 11 2009
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Happy Birthday to Aimee!

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Matt E 2009-01-10
Little tipsy right now. Great OHS and shirt!!
James 2009-01-10
Happy birthday Aimee.

21 again, isn't it?! ;)
aimee 2009-01-10
Thank you!!

2nd reunion of my 30th bday! I'm happily out of my 20's.
Matt Wichlinski 2009-01-10
Happy Birthday, Aimee.

I'm pissed, I should be at the seminar right now, but things happen. Hope its a good one, and have fun. I will be at another east coast sem.
Steve Liberati 2009-01-10
Happy Birthday, Aimee!

Matt, I hear ya on the seminar. Man do I wish I was there. Just bad timing right now with my wife in the hospital. I'm sure they'll be a next time!
Xuan Mai 2009-01-11
Aimee - Happy Birthday!!!

You rock, girl!
Danny 2009-01-11
Sweet! Aimee's finally older than I am. Happy B-day Aimee!
saulj 2009-01-11
Happy Birthday Aimee, best of luck this year!
Mary 2009-01-11
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE! We miss you at Coach B's Gym! Yes, we miss you too Greg, but today is all about AIMEE! Hope you have a great day and an exciting year.
Byron 2009-01-11
Happy Birthday Aimee. Thanks again for all your great coaching.
Martin 2009-01-11
Happy B-day!
ec 2009-01-11
aimee! HB!
Jay Huhn 2009-01-11
Happy B-day Aimee Miss you and Greg at Mike's Gym, a little quiet yesterday......

aimee 2009-01-12
Thank you everyone for your birthday happy's!

And I miss everyone at mikes gym too :(

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