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Sunday January 18 2009
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Bo 2009-01-17
Greg -

I decided to collect all the questions for you into one comment instead of writing as they pop into my head, as I've done previously. Maybe I've included too many questions, you be the judge :).

Please keep my age (16) in mind when looking at the following questions:

1. Im currently 62kg and the goal is 69kg of functional muscle. I received your book a few days ago and Im almost already finishedits amazing. Would I be better off following the mass gain program outlined in that book instead of the routine on this site?

2. How are the programs on this site compared to the examples given in the book? Is it somewhere in between the intermediate/advanced version?
If the advanced version in the book is harder, how does one know when to move from the one on the site to the one in the book?

3. I experience a pain in my shoulder blades (back) - is this due to lack of flexibility or just joints adjusting to the stress from the routine? Ive been following the routine for a week and have zero Olympic weightlifting experience, but plenty powerlifting experience and Crossfit.

4. Should creatine also be taken on rest days, and should the 5g be taken just before bedtime or before/after workout or?

5. Would BCAAs and glutamine be a wise choice for me to invest in even though the whey Im currently eating contains both 6,4g BCAA and 5g glutamine per serving (28g).
Some whey products also contain aminogen is this necessary?

6. Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM should I add this to my nutrition program as Im also following the routine on this site?

7. MSM is methyl-sulfonoyl-methan, right?

8. Colostrum this seems to be a nice supplement. A site Ive found sells this and it contains the following for 4 capsules:
Tryptofan 16-24 mg
Lysin 20-22 mg
IgG-(38%) 760 mg
IgF 10,1 g
Uniquinon (Q10) 100-160 g
Testosteron 67 ng
Progesteron 18 ng
Insulin 4 mU
DHEAS 16 g

Good/bad? (Taken from a Danish site, I hope its understandable)

9. Which supplements would be beneficial for eating before bedtime? (i.e. multi vitamin, fish oil, creatine, Glucosamine / Chondroiton / MSM, colostrum)

10. Sometimes during the workouts Pull-ups - max reps is to be performed. What would that max rep number ideally be, if one is at ones ideal weight, dedicated and performing well on the lifts, i.e. having high Snatch/Clean & Jerk numbers?
Greg Everett 2009-01-17
Bo - 1. I'd stick with the WOD if you're already doing in, and focus on gaining weight primarily during the strength phases and more maintaining during he Bulgarian cycle. Eat accordingly. You should also drop the metCons.2. The WOD is similar to the intermediate program. There's no obvious way to know when to switch - particularly without a coach watching you day to day. But I'd say you should have been lifting for at least a year or two before that advanced program.3. Need more details. what positions and movements bring on the pain?4. If you're taking creatine, take it daily for however long you're taking it, training or not.5. Don't bother6. Yes7. Add an E on the end and remove the hyphens, and yes.8. It is, but at the dosage necessary for effectiveness (in terms of muscle gain, not immune function), it's pretty expensive. Whatever site you found is either a fake or won't ship to the US - You can't just purchase testosterone over the counter. And if you could, colostrum would be a waste of time. That same site probably offers a number of anabolics that you'll pay for and never receive (who are you going to report it to?).9. Creatine is the only one of those that will really do anything before bed (possibly increase gH release). The rest should just be taken with meals during the day.10. More than you do now.
Bo 2009-01-17
Thanks for your very educational response. I really appreciate it.
I'm actually considering if I should take olympic lifting a step further, e.i. join competitions. Unfortunately there are no proper weightlifting communities in Denmark that I know of :/.

3. It's when I'm at the top of a jerk or a snatch, with my arms fully stretched.
I've been on the Starting Strength routine where presses are included, and this didn't cause any pain at all.

4. (Last about creatine I swear) 5g creatine before bed or 2,5g before workout and 2,5g before bedtime?

6. Daily dosage (afaik):
1.200 mg chondroitin sulfate
1.500 mg glucosamin sulfate
3.000 mg MSM

8. It's actually a recommended, danish, health store. They're very well known in Denmark (naturoghelse.dk) and sell all kinds of healthy supplements: fish oil, coconut oil, MSM, chondroitin and more. They're certified by the government as far as I know.
Regarding the colostrum supplement, they're referring to studies on athletes who've taken 60g of colostrum/day and seen huge improvements. 4 capsules, however, contain 2,5g. A bottle for 60$ would be used in 8 days. I guess that's not so practical :).

Could I take it as an immune booster supplement? I'm worried about the testosterone though. I wouldn't want to mess with the hormones in my body and possibly destroy it.

Thanks again for your invaluable help.

Bo 2009-01-17
- And I just noticed this seller offering chondroitin sulfate and glucosamin sulfate in the same capsule, does this improve digestion or is it just a sales gimmick?
Greg Everett 2009-01-17
Bo - 3. Not sure what that is, so stick to the usual - foam roller/tennis ball, stretching, ice.4. Sure.6. Sounds good. Yes, take them in a combo supplement. No point in getting them separately.8. Ah, well Denmark is a different story. I have no idea what the laws over there are like regarding hormones, but I'm sure they're considerably more relaxed than in the US. As a 16 y/o, I would assume you have plenty testosterone - no need to take in more.
garrett stack 2009-01-18
http://www.weightlifting.dk/ ??
Bo 2009-01-18
Garrett -

I've been to that site, and unfortunately there are no available clubs close to where I live, which is why I'm training in another strength facility nearby. I'm very dedicated and I'm going to do this the right way, with the right technique.

After looking at some of the articles at that site, I can see that what some of the experienced weightlifters at my age and weightclass (62 and 69) aren't lifting that high numbers - 24 kg, 29 kg, 42 kg, 45 kg as max snatches. A dude reached 80 kg, though, I think that's pretty good. It would be fun to compete, especially since my numbers are above their average :).

By the way, is ZMA needed as a supplement to weightlifters? I know we use zinc when working out, but is that something a normal multivitamin (20mg zinc) can't handle?
Ben Shechet 2009-01-18
Since this is apparently "assault Greg with questions day," I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring.

For quite a while now, the jerk has been the strong point in my lifts--quick, consistent foot position, if I can clean it, I can jerk it. That is, until about 2 months ago, and I seems to be getting worse. I competed this weekend at the FDU Open, and did fine, but my jerks at 87 and 91 were both short-stepped, and I missed 93, which I shouldn't have. My problem appears to be collapsing my chest as I dip, and I'm having trouble fixing it just via conscious intervention.

SO, my thoughts on remedies:
1. I may be dipping too fast, and the bar may be crashing on me a bit. Slow down the dip slightly to maintain better position.
2. Upper back is weak--need more assistance work (rows, pullups, etc)
3. Drill specifically--supra-max quarter front squats and/or jerk drives.

Which of these, or which combination of the three, do you think would be most beneficial?
Greg Everett 2009-01-18
Ben - 1 and 3 are your best bets. I think the upper back rounding happens more often as a result of forward leaning, not a cause. In other words, it's not that your upper back is weak, it's that you've already created forward momentum with a shift on the feet that's too much for the back to handle (i.e. more than it should have to). RE front squats, make sure you're using the same depth and position as your jerk dip (i.e. don't actually do a 1/4 FS).
Josh S. 2009-01-18
hey Bo,

I was just wondering what your maxes are on the o-lifts and front squat because I am a new weightlifter myself (been lifting for a month and a half) and I happen to be 16 and about 65kg.
Bo 2009-01-18
Hey Josh,

I've been doing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk for a week. The only literature about technique I've read so far about the lifts are from this site. That makes me question how legitimate they are :). And also how good an indicator they are of my real 1RM. The following are my numbers for every lift (please list yours too ^^):

Clean and jerk: 65kg (failing to dive under the bar)
Snatch: 45 kg (2nd pull is utter crap)

Bench Press: 62,5kg
Press: 45kg (this has probably increased, though)
Dips: 25kg

Barbell Row: 121lbs (55kg)
Deadlift: 232lbs (105,5kg)
Pull-up: 27,5lbs (12,5kg)

Back Squat: 245lbs (110kg)
Front Squat: 190lbs (85kg)

I find my deadlift and back squat numbers odd :/. My max deadlift should be higher than my back squat.

What are your numbers?
Bo 2009-01-18
As I reread my previous comment, what I mean to say was that I'm not sure I'm performing the lifts correctly! "That makes me question how legitimate they are". That's the sentence of a dude coming from Denmark - I didn't mean that. I'm not at all questioning the information given on this site. I'm sorry for any misunderstandings.
Josh S. 2009-01-18
Hey Bo,

It seems i have only a touch more experience on you with the olympic lifts, but just as you said before i have a pretty strong powerlifting backround. Here are my lifts to date.

Clean and Jerk: 180lbs(81.8kg)
Snatch: 130lbs(59kg)

Bench Press: 250lbs(113.6kg)
Press: 165lbs(75kg)
Dips: Not sure

Barbell Row: 180lbs(81.8kg)
Deadlift: 335lbs(152.2kg)
Pull-up: 80lbs(36kg)

Back Squat: 300lbs(136.3)
Front Squat: 250lbs(113.6kg)

and Bo I was just wondering how long you have been powerlifting and cross fitting? I was bodybuilding type weightlifting from about 13 to 15. When i turned 16 almost a year ago i began powerlifting for about four months, then did some mixed martial arts, and now a month ago got into olympic weightlifting.
Bo 2009-01-18
Few months before I turned 15 I started going to a gym - it was pretty useless though.
After 3-4 months with no results whatsoever (back then my diet was crap and training was unstructured) I then played around with some plyometrics and running (following a routine called "I Want Six Pack Abs" by Arnel Ricafranca) getting a pretty 'toned' look. This was getting really boring, though. Unfortunately this continued throughout Summer 2008.

Suddenly I remembered a guy who had sent me a PM over a message board about crossfit. I then researched it and this opened up my world of fitness - Zone Eating, the Paleo Diet, and much more. I did A LOT of research.
I was messaging around boards for help and guidance, and a friendly guy from America took me under his wings - I'm forever grateful. He introduced me to Starting Strength and I was on that routine for 2 months. He watched movies of me doing the different exercises and commented and improved my technique substantially.
I also ate like a mad man. This made me fart like I don't know what and I had diarrhea. In the end I got sick of it, but the gains were there. I had improved my numbers considerably.

I then did some crossfit for about a month (and turned 16 the 26th of November 2008) and then it was Christmas. My gym closed and I couldn't work out. When it opened again Januray 4th, I did a light week to get back on track and now I'm on my 2nd week of olympic weightlifting.

I've only been taking protein and a multi vitamin as a supplement until ~1 month ago when I began reading about fish oil and I added that to my diet.

I've also now dialed in my diet.

100g carbs ~400 kcal = 11,4 %.
175g protein ~700 kcal = 19,8%.
270g fats ~2430 kcal = 68,8%.

3530 kcal total.

I think that's what Greg recommends, %-wise (afaik).

Aimee 2009-01-18
ya'll ask more questions than I do, and I thought that was impossible! holy questions of the day!
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