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Monday January 19 2009
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Matt Wichlinski 2009-01-18
Any thoughts on getting better would be greatly appreciated...


goofing around...

Greg Everett 2009-01-18
Matt - When you separate the bar from the floor, get the weight back on your feet more. You clean too much to be jumping forward. Work on changing directions faster at the top - you're floating a bit - basically pulling too long, which is partly why the bar is crashing on you. Quick pop at the top and get under it - bring the bar right into your chest/shoulders and deliver it a bit more smoothly (again, don't overpull it).With your jerk, really work on improving that rack position - work your flexibility until you can sink your hands in deeper under the bar and drop your elbows without losing the bar's security on your shoulders. I'd also shorten the depth of your dip a bit. Pick that front foot up more and get the heel forward. You're lifting the back foot more than the front - almost slide the back and lift the front so you can actually get under the bar. You have more than enough strength, but you're not letting yourself get deep enough under the bar. I was wondering when someone would take on 1-armed Isabel.
Joe Cavazos 2009-01-18
New here, forgive me: what is considered proper technique in a Kettlebell Side Bend? Also, how should one weight a GHD Sit-up? Hold a plate against the chest? Sorry for the questions, but I couldn't find answers in the Exercises section.
Greg Everett 2009-01-18
Joe - Hold a KB at your side. Bend to each side. Repeat.Yes, hold plate(s) against your chest. If you want to make it even harder, hold the weight behind your neck.
M 2009-01-18
thanks, Greg

i train alone and get absolutely zero feedback from the people around me when there is anyone, so i appreciate the criticism as i haven't had any real coaching. Still pissed i had to bail out of the seminar last weekend. I don't doubt i could jump another 50 pounds or so with proper instruction, and motivation of course. Thanks again.

Bo 2009-01-18
Greg -

You told me before to stop doing metCons. Should I sub them with some other strength work?
This is what the day looks like:

Mid-hang muscle snatch - 62% x 3 x 3
2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 60% x 4 sets

I think I can do more.

When the weight % give an odd number (e.g. 63,4 kg) that I can't use at my gym, should I lower or raise the weight? The increments I can raise with are 2,5kg, 5kg, 7,5kg, 10kg etc.
Hunter 2009-01-19
Greg -
Usually I cut the volume of my workouts by 40-60% every 4th or 5th workout to control fatigue. Are the CA wods designed to control fatigue, or should I consider cutting the volume on some of the workouts.
Greg Everett 2009-01-19
Bo - You can throw in a few beach exercises if you want, but if you're really trying to gain weight, less is more.Round as needed - I'd say round up, but sometimes it will be too much. So take it case by case.
Greg Everett 2009-01-19
Hunter - It's taken care of. Just do as RXed.
Xi Xia 2009-01-19
Hi Greg,

Appreciate your thoughts on competition maxes vs. training max. I'm going to start with your December 15th workout and work up from there. We just did a gym total competition on Saturday and I got 320 on backsquat, screaming my head off.

The december 15th is the start of a strength cycle and it says 83% of Backsquat max. I'm wondering if I should use 83% of my "competition" max or 83% of my training max (I'm guessing is 90% of Comp. max). Thanks
Greg Everett 2009-01-19
XX - Use the 320.
Xi Xia 2009-01-19
Thanks...I was afraid you would say that!
Chris Bullard 2009-01-19
Missed Saturday
Hang Power Clean-worked up to 255(PR)
Then: 21-15-9 reps of 135# OH Squat/225# Deadlift, 9:06

Power Snatch+Snatch: 95/115
Snatch: 145/165x1x4/175x1x2
Clean and Jerk: 135/155/175/200x1x4/210x1x2
Front Squat: 235x2x3/245x2x2
Back Squat: 275x5x1
Snatch Pull: 195x3x3

Matt H. 2009-01-19
Snatch - 140
C&J - 195
F. Squat - 245

Today went much better than Saturday.

johnny Davis 2009-01-19
What do you do if you miss a rep. Repeat or just skip
Rossi 2009-01-19
SN - 155lbs
CJ - 215
FS - 265
Eric Brandom 2009-01-19
Sn - 192
C+J - 248
FS - 265
GHD + 45
Sidebends 2pood
Steve Liberati 2009-01-19

Sn: 145
CJ: 185

FS: 285
Greg Everett 2009-01-20
johnny - If it's a miss due to an obvious technical error/mistake, repeat. If it's a miss because you're too tired, skip it.
ken c 2009-01-20

snatch 175 (3 makes. failed twice on 4th. moved on.)
clean and jerk 225
back squat 337

Minh/M/25/5'9/173/WY 2009-01-20
Sn: 180x1x2, 185x1x2
C&J: 225x1x2, 230x1x2
FrSq: 235x2x3, 255x2x1
Andrew Wilson 2009-01-24
115 Snatch - 85% x 1 x 4
150 Clean & jerk - 85% x 1 x 4
160 Front squat - 85% x 2 x 3
25 KB sidebends - 3 x 10
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